The Problem – The Solution – The Process


We all want to change but it seems the most difficult thing in the world. Why is that? Let me tell you of some research:

A psychologist wanted to carry out some tests on affecting peoples perception. He gave one group of volunteers a hot cup of coffee to hold in their hands and gave another group a cold cup of coffee to hold. He then asked the volunteers to rate a photograph of someone – did they think he was kind, warm, friendly etc. The volunteers that had been holding the hot cup of coffee gave SIGNIFICANTLY higher marks than those who had been holding the cold cup.

How did this happen? The volunteers did not even drink the coffee yet felt more positive towards the photograph! There’s more….

A colleague noticed that when her clients left a therapy session, they were smiling. Initially she thought it was the effectiveness of the session but then she noticed that her eight year old son had drawn a small smiley face near the door handle………….

What was happening in these two cases (and there are thousands of examples!)? We are all affected by unconscious triggers that we are not consciously aware of!

Habits rule our lives, they are what make us say ‘thank you’ automatically when we are given something. It is working at the unconscious level that often determines our behaviour. These habits or unconscious processes are reinforced throughout our lives. Advertising is a prime example. Think of a chocolate ad, how it is filled with beautiful images, creaminess, pleasant music, attractive women in a state of bliss, maybe something forbidden or slightly naughty – all these building unconscious desires to get you to buy the brand – positive associations with eating chocolate. AND THEY WORK!

Poor You! You are a victim of unconscious desires that you have no control over. That’s why so many regimes and diet fads simply do not work because they are not getting at the root of the problem.

But don’t worry – you have already taken the first step in changing the way you behave. Just being aware of the above HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE!


Unconscious desires are notoriously hard to get rid of by just working at the conscious level. I could give you a list of things to say in your mind when confronted with a bad eating habit but this would only be superficial. I could beat you with a stick every time you opened the fridge (aversion therapy) and this could stop you (and then you could sign up for my “fear of fridges” therapy). No, neither of these ways are effective or practical or even desirable. It is only by working at the unconscious level that true change comes about – permanent change!

What we have to do is to get past the conscious level to a deeper region of the mind and it is here we will initiate change. Change will come about in a positive way. And what is more it is a pleasurable experience. You will enjoy the process and change the way you behave.


The techniques used in this process begin with taking you to a deep relaxed state. You will go beyond the conscious level to the unconscious where you are amenable to suggestion. It is here that the real, lasting accomplishments are made. The more you listen the easier it will be to enter a deep relaxed state, you will go deeper and deeper until the conscious mind disappears. You will enter a calm, peaceful, meditative state and hear positive affirmations about your eating habits. These will become deeply engrained in your being. Once this has been achieved your unconscious mind will remember them and act on them in your waking life.


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