Just updated my profile

Having a simply wonderful time. The Internet is the greatest thing since fire!!!! 🙂


Formal : W.C.G.S. , Brunel B.Sc (Hons),Psychology, Behavioural Psychotherapy, Computing,
University of Kent (M.A.), C.Q.S.W. , London Probation Service. Alcohol Counselling
Informal: Tibetan Buddhists, Kitty Subho, The Japanese, Keith York,  Mick Scully, My Friends and My Daughter


Useless at school, I discovered girls early. Hippie for a couple of years. then

The Great Journey 1970 – 1980:
Mainly bus, train boat, walking and hitching, plane when I was rich.
The Nile, Kenya, India, Thailand, Japan, Nepal, Maui, Japan, Malaysia,  Sri Lanka, India, Ladakh, and back to London to go back to school.

Became a Buddhist 1973 – it changed my life – studied with the Tibetans in the Himalayas for three years, became a Thai monk for a year.Taught English in Tokyo for 4 years, made a fortune and married a beautiful Japanese girl (divorced after 10 years).Japan is my favourite culture.

Studied psychology at uni. First computer 1980, , Joined London Probation Service (10 years) Exhausted: murderers, rapists, violence, drug addicts etc Soooo
Resigned, married an Irish girl and moved to live on her dairy farm in the bog. First Internet connection and web page 1993. Started Internet and computer company 1995. Went bust in the dot com crash, went mad, homeless, divorced, alcohol problem. Tough times (2 years). O.K. now. Really happy!

Greatest asset and best friend: The Mind, Imagination


Buddhism, Psychology, Helping People,  Images, MP3,Web, Free Stuff 🙂

Now (Links)

Blogging, Budding Internet Entrepreneur, Creating resource center on the web, Twittering

Other Names : Philip James Bryan, pjfbncyl

Be Happy!

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