Free Stuff

There is so much free stuff  on the Internet you would be foolish not to take advantage of it. Greatest resource on the Internet – your own Google account

1. Have at least two email addresses

I have 5 and I use them for different things. Gmail is highly recommended as it has so many features however it may be hard to get an address you like. Be imaginative and if it’s a bit long or strange don’t worry just use it for surfing and subscribing to stuff that might interest you. Go mad with it initially and after a while if it is getting overwhelming  clean it up (easy search email facility) unsubscribe and delete stuff.  My friend Dermot is a horder – has about 3K unread emails – don’t know how he copes. Gmail is very very professional and links into Google (#1 on the net) seamlessly. Spend a couple of hours a day setting it up – it will pay off, then it can just run on auto. You can also merge several email accounts into one if you are adventurous. I have two, that’s enough for me.

If you are Irish (or a fan) get an address – its a cool email address, easy to remember, and probably still available! Great for your business too. Get your own name while you can. It’s also quite sophisticated and pretty –  I know, but you may as well enjoy yourself!. Spend some time setting it up. You can have folders (unlike Gmail) so there is no reason not to be organised. It also has a good newsfeed for Ireland and the world. Kitty O’Sea’s blog is entertaining. It’s also very good for Irish sports. Do it now! and come back. Open a new tab or window and leave this open. You haven’t finished reading yet.

2. Browsers.

Well Firefox is the browser of choice, (It is much faster than Internet Explorer – have both), opens tabs instead of windows, can be customised (don’t get too many plug ins – slows things down, choose carefully and disable add ins from the tools menu if you don’t like them. I have about six and that’s enough for me. Keep your home page always open in a tab (I use iGoogle – don’t worry, it might be a bit advanced but you will learn)

3. Blogs.

Can’t ignore them, every ones got one – again great for business. WordPress is the best and its free. You can have your own website on the net. Not too much work, you will need to spend some time setting it up,  till you suss it out, then once a week is OK improving it the more you use it. Maybe a bit of hard work but don’t be lazy. You can copy and paste this post in your blog to get you started. Put in the work, its worth it. Cool, got your own sophisticated web site, here’s looking at you kid! BTW it’s OK to make mistakes, as the I Ching says “Perseverance Furthers”

4. Twitter

Hottest topic on the net and an incredible resource too. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun. You can get addicted but when you calm down, dip in and out of it daily. Speak your mind too, make jokes, have fun, communicate with the world, don’t be shy – be bold. You can do it, nothing to lose and again it’s free. You can search for anyone in the world and follow them. Get on the world stage that’s what the Internet is all about. Try and get your name registered or your business or your nickname or something that is imaginative. It will be associated with your full name anyway so choose what you want but give it some thought as you can use it as your Internet identity. ….and finally as you must be tired…..

5. Links.

Link everything, as this will be your Internet identity. As you get more sophisticated (and you will) Link your name, nickname, email, blog or website, Twitter ID and you will become really cool, be the envy of your friends, grow three inches taller, attract the opposite sex, become a millionaire overnight, and take over the world!

Sorry got a bit carried away but the real message is – ENJOY YOURSELF. IT’S NOT SO HARD AND IT’S FREE!

P.S. If you enjoyed this and found it useful, copy all this and paste it wherever you want, just add Author : pjfbncyl
I’m on the Internet. Google me

P.P.S. Don’t forget to add your Internet ID to all your emails etc. If you visit my Google profile page you can send me a message – I will help if I can.
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