New Help Site

“What can we help you with? If you need help you could email me with a specific question ~ I’ll do my best to answer promptly. You could join the forum by registering or logging in to the Forum and start a topic. Someone or me will be monitoring it. The Forum is really a […]

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Twollars ~ The New Currency Phew! Keeping Up? Twollars are the new currency of appreciation. And they are going to catch on big-time. Everyone starts off with 50 Twollars, they can then give them as a sign of appreciation Personal : @Enoxh 2 Twollars because you have really helped me Business @valuedcustomer 5 Twollars for being loyal Charities @bullyingUK […]

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Music ~ Response

Became a DJ this week on and have a feed on my web site for special stuff I play. What a fantastic resource it is. I now have music everywhere I surf. OMG it is music eclectic gone mad. I haven’t failed to find a song yet. I have my own playlist and I […]

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….in the wee small hours

I feel like an iceberg at the moment. Only a small part of me is visible to the general public, the girls in Centra, people I pass in the street. As Kurt Vonnegut said “The real stuff is up here” tapping his head. I used to fight with my mind, now I have befriended it. […]

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