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“What can we help you with?

If you need help you could email me with a specific question ~ I’ll do my best to answer promptly. You could join the forum by registering or logging in to the Forum and start a topic. Someone or me will be monitoring it. The Forum is really a great way of getting things moving ~ take your time registering, there is no rush. If you get it right the first time you won’t have to do it again right? Remember you are here to have fun as well. It is OK to make mistakes. From my experience everyone on the Internet is kind, friendly and willing to share. If you are not able to share much at the moment ~ don’t worry…YOU will become a resource too! Sure there are scams, spams and pushy marketers, you are not stupid and never part with your hard-earned cash immediately, think about it, book mark it ~ if its any good it will be there tomorrow despite : Act Now! Limited Offer! Only You! Expires in 24 hours! Crap! LOL.

There are 30 day free trials too. Early on I downloaded everything, the try-before-you-buy scheme is great. But for God’s sake don’t install anything that asks for global dominance of stuff like associating all your .jpg files with the program. Unless its from someone like Microsoft or Google. Always trust Google and you won’t go wrong. What is more all Google stuff is generally free. Picasa is a great example, it will index all the images stored on your computer. Yes all of them, even the one you took of your dog five years ago that you had totally forgotten about. Google Earth is another great example. BTW if you don’t like a program or its too expensive then uninstall it. If the program is any good it will uninstall easily. I tend to dislike money back guarantees that ask for your credit card details and promise a refund (tho I use it myself) but if you don’t like it take them up on it. If you ask and they don’t then report them! You have rights!

PC Maintenance. MUST be done. You are probably running Windows so once a week get rid of all those Temp files for example. DeFrag regularly. A lot of these tasks can be automated. Please please back up regularly, set a restore point regularly. Don’t trust your computer (sorry ~ had to be said), trust yourself. Your computer has a memory, don’t trust it, it may be showing you old stuff that is no longer real, no longer up-to-date. Close down your computer and start fresh. If any program, browser, plug in wants to update itself then just do it. Always have the latest version, trust Adobe for example. Pay for a good anti-virus program like Norton, don’t scrimp on essential stuff ~ you will regret it. P.S. If you are doing anything : save every 5 mins, save before you have a cup of coffee, Save before you fuck up not after.

Finally, what you are reading is free. This template was free. Searching for stuff is free. The Forum software was free. Twitter is free. This domain costs me $28 per month. My Internet connection costs me €40 a month. I only have a basic Laptop. I have experience, I have time. Its yours. What’s special?

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

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Twollars ~ The New Currency

Phew! Keeping Up? Twollars are the new currency of appreciation. And they are going to catch on big-time.
Everyone starts off with 50 Twollars, they can then give them as a sign of appreciation

Personal : @Enoxh 2 Twollars because you have really helped me
Business @valuedcustomer 5 Twollars for being loyal
Charities @bullyingUK 5 Twollars for your great work

Twollars are real. Charities can exchange them for cash. You can buy Twollars from charities $1 for 10 twollars. No, this is not insignificant. “Buy 10,000 twollars for $1000”  is happening now

For reading this blog you have earned yourself 1 twollar – DM @pjfbncyl because I haven’t automated it yet
Send me Twollars @pjfbncyl ~ we don’t hoard, this is about giving

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Geek Chart ~ Not For Geeks via @mashable

Exponential is the only word to describe what is happening to me. I joined Twitter a couple of months ago. Started watching, then joined in, learned who was important and got a RSS feed to them. Heard about prezi and created two & put them on my website. Became a DJ and put it on my website. I have just added GeekChart to my website. On the front page.

GeekChart is advertised as showing the % of time you spend using social media. In the form of a pie chart. It is graphically very pleasing to the eye. My site is black and white so the colourful chart really stands out. It is not flashy, it is small and unobtrusive. But you won’t miss it. But guess what else it does? It links to your profile on every other site where you have one. It updates in real time so every thing you do now is shown. For example here are my links with some stats.

Twitter ~ 20 million users and growing
YouTube ~ every minute 10 hours of video is uploaded
Flickr ~ 2 billion pictures
Digg ~ 2.7 million as of 2004, 5 years ago!
Stumbleupon ~ 50% bigger than Twitter
Delicious ~ 150 million bookmarked URLs (and this is so out of date) ~ The world’s largest online music catalogue,
Facebook ~ on its way……and
This Blog ~ so… I don’t get the hits, never mind

When you have your GeekChart and you click on the link underneath the chart, you get a summary of everything you’ve done in the last hour, day, week, 30 days. Including the embedded Links in them.

GeekChart, just for Geeks? I don’t think so. Check it out for yourself :

P.S. I’m off to tell the world, watch me, I can

Music ~ Response

Became a DJ this week on and have a feed on my web site for special stuff I play. What a fantastic resource it is. I now have music everywhere I surf. OMG it is music eclectic gone mad. I haven’t failed to find a song yet. I have my own playlist and I play requests for people or I just play songs for people for the craic. I was a DJ in my twenties in Torremolinos and I rocked Harry’s Bar. Now its the world aka The Internet, which has become my real home. I live online now. Totally . encapsulates The Internet. Not only does it deliver, it interacts. This is new generation for me – the two-way process. Passivity is really gone the way of all flesh. I fell in love with The Internet when it first came out. It was my socialist dream come true. Everything was free! Guess what? It still is. The Internet sings to me now and I sing a long, occasionally I solo. In perfect 3 part harmony.

Who am I? Nobody special and that is the point, and the message. When I first joined I was impressed but, me be a DJ? nah. So I left, for a whole month. Then a friend in Las Vegas played me a song @Enoxh, telling me succinctly to get off my arse and join the party. 3 days of practice and I am a party animal. OK. Over the top?  Think of your most favourite song in the WholeWideWorld. Tell me and I will play it for you. I am serious. Go to and ask.

Sometimes I only remember a fragment, a line, a phrase. Can’t remember the band or the title, only a fragment. So I type the fragment into’s search engine. Hey presto found it. I preview it until I have found the original recording or an enhanced version (Stereo / Resampled) or a cover version, or a re-mix. More often than not I stick with the original. I just choose the best qualty. After I have listened to it, I blip it! Sharing with the world with a relevant message.  It automatically updates my music on my website where I keep 20 of my songs. If I am listening to the public channel and hear one of my favourite songs I re-blip it. Currently =I will try to fix you Coldplay.

oh BTW and FYI I have fun. Logged in as “eazi listnin Dave ~ stuck in a lift?  here we go…” and played Prodigy Breathe. Logged in as “traditional , conservative, old-fashioned values kind a guy” and played I’m on a boat (ft TPain) the hottest song on YouTube 2009 20 million hits. Logged in as me,  topic:  the rain, as I live in Ireland, played Riders On The Storm The Doors.  Responded to some heavy rap by muzak_in_the_hood_experiment with Sinead O’Connor She Moved Through The Fair.

How is all this possible? Go to Click on” play”

….in the wee small hours

I feel like an iceberg at the moment. Only a small part of me is visible to the general public, the girls in Centra, people I pass in the street. As Kurt Vonnegut said “The real stuff is up here” tapping his head. I used to fight with my mind, now I have befriended it. I thought it was ephemeral but it seems it is the only thing that is real – in my world. Everywhere I go it tags along, through a glass darkly. So a chautauqua – bet you haven’t heard that word in a coon’s age. Exposing my hippie roots. I digress and ramble.  Icebergs have a wonderful shape, irregular, massive, but they float effortlessly. An iceberg destroyed the Titanic, the pride of humanity’s waves. Pride. With global warming as the permanent ice melts, we will be seeing a lot more of icebergs. What happened to the idea of towing them to thirsty places? Pure water in abundance, their nature.  In an undrinkable ocean. They used to be remote, unknown only seen by the intrepid few. In forbidding climes. Greyish-white ghosts, their bulk not visible except to penguins. I am in good company.