Music ~ Response

Became a DJ this week on and have a feed on my web site for special stuff I play. What a fantastic resource it is. I now have music everywhere I surf. OMG it is music eclectic gone mad. I haven’t failed to find a song yet. I have my own playlist and I play requests for people or I just play songs for people for the craic. I was a DJ in my twenties in Torremolinos and I rocked Harry’s Bar. Now its the world aka The Internet, which has become my real home. I live online now. Totally . encapsulates The Internet. Not only does it deliver, it interacts. This is new generation for me – the two-way process. Passivity is really gone the way of all flesh. I fell in love with The Internet when it first came out. It was my socialist dream come true. Everything was free! Guess what? It still is. The Internet sings to me now and I sing a long, occasionally I solo. In perfect 3 part harmony.

Who am I? Nobody special and that is the point, and the message. When I first joined I was impressed but, me be a DJ? nah. So I left, for a whole month. Then a friend in Las Vegas played me a song @Enoxh, telling me succinctly to get off my arse and join the party. 3 days of practice and I am a party animal. OK. Over the top?  Think of your most favourite song in the WholeWideWorld. Tell me and I will play it for you. I am serious. Go to and ask.

Sometimes I only remember a fragment, a line, a phrase. Can’t remember the band or the title, only a fragment. So I type the fragment into’s search engine. Hey presto found it. I preview it until I have found the original recording or an enhanced version (Stereo / Resampled) or a cover version, or a re-mix. More often than not I stick with the original. I just choose the best qualty. After I have listened to it, I blip it! Sharing with the world with a relevant message.  It automatically updates my music on my website where I keep 20 of my songs. If I am listening to the public channel and hear one of my favourite songs I re-blip it. Currently =I will try to fix you Coldplay.

oh BTW and FYI I have fun. Logged in as “eazi listnin Dave ~ stuck in a lift?  here we go…” and played Prodigy Breathe. Logged in as “traditional , conservative, old-fashioned values kind a guy” and played I’m on a boat (ft TPain) the hottest song on YouTube 2009 20 million hits. Logged in as me,  topic:  the rain, as I live in Ireland, played Riders On The Storm The Doors.  Responded to some heavy rap by muzak_in_the_hood_experiment with Sinead O’Connor She Moved Through The Fair.

How is all this possible? Go to Click on” play”


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