Geek Chart ~ Not For Geeks via @mashable

Exponential is the only word to describe what is happening to me. I joined Twitter a couple of months ago. Started watching, then joined in, learned who was important and got a RSS feed to them. Heard about prezi and created two & put them on my website. Became a DJ and put it on my website. I have just added GeekChart to my website. On the front page.

GeekChart is advertised as showing the % of time you spend using social media. In the form of a pie chart. It is graphically very pleasing to the eye. My site is black and white so the colourful chart really stands out. It is not flashy, it is small and unobtrusive. But you won’t miss it. But guess what else it does? It links to your profile on every other site where you have one. It updates in real time so every thing you do now is shown. For example here are my links with some stats.

Twitter ~ 20 million users and growing
YouTube ~ every minute 10 hours of video is uploaded
Flickr ~ 2 billion pictures
Digg ~ 2.7 million as of 2004, 5 years ago!
Stumbleupon ~ 50% bigger than Twitter
Delicious ~ 150 million bookmarked URLs (and this is so out of date) ~ The world’s largest online music catalogue,
Facebook ~ on its way……and
This Blog ~ so… I don’t get the hits, never mind

When you have your GeekChart and you click on the link underneath the chart, you get a summary of everything you’ve done in the last hour, day, week, 30 days. Including the embedded Links in them.

GeekChart, just for Geeks? I don’t think so. Check it out for yourself :

P.S. I’m off to tell the world, watch me, I can


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