Phew! Keeping Up? Twollars are the new currency of appreciation. And they are going to catch on big-time.
Everyone starts off with 50 Twollars, they can then give them as a sign of appreciation

Personal : @Enoxh 2 Twollars because you have really helped me
Business @valuedcustomer 5 Twollars for being loyal
Charities @bullyingUK 5 Twollars for your great work

Twollars are real. Charities can exchange them for cash. You can buy Twollars from charities $1 for 10 twollars. No, this is not insignificant. “Buy 10,000 twollars for $1000”  is happening now

For reading this blog you have earned yourself 1 twollar – DM @pjfbncyl because I haven’t automated it yet
Send me Twollars @pjfbncyl ~ we don’t hoard, this is about giving

Thanks to @mashable for the introduction. The real thanks goes to