Firefox 3.5 Released


Seems like a very good improvement. It certainly is fast.

I added febe, a back up manager, firebug for web development (html 5 development plus editing tools plus web site speed plus CSS verification…..) and colorzilla which allows for colour picking on site.

That will keep me going.

Firefox has always been my default browser but I also used Chrome because it was much faster ~ I will give them a speed test.

Released only a few hours ago it is approacing 1 Million downloads (Watch in Real Time Here)

Internet Explorer seems a bit ancient?

Well done Mozilla

Philip 19.40 GMT


Apple iPhone 3G (s)

So I have to learn how to type with two thumbs

iPhone review

On Friday I bought a new phone, first in 5 years. I had heard about the iPhone but thought “not for me” then a new one arrived 3G (s). I read about it and it looked good. I needed a new phone so I put my name down. Two weeks ago. Got a call on Wednesday saying it would be in on Friday. 26th June

Got it about 5.30pm. Back to the shop ’cause I didn’t know how to put the sim in…back again cause I couldn’t register it. I am really stupid, no really, it was so easy…..needs to be plugged into PC. The interface is superb, synchronisation uploading & downloading are very fast.

So I am up and running. Added my contacts and texted everyone with my new number cool interface, very smart and intuitive – a smart phone. So I started to explore. Safari compass, gave me my exact position and then gave me step by step details on how to walk to St Stephen’s Green from 11 Church St Tullamore, 94.1 km, 19 hours and 2 minutes….

Went to my websites, explored them, book marked them and linked them to my iPhone home page, did this with more sites. Sent some emails. Ok Internet works. Registered with iTunes store.

Took some pics, texted them, emailed them, then did the same with video – so easy. Set up call divert from my old phone, set up voice mail on my new phone, made a voice file or two.

Next day installed get it for your PC as well; installed sky news and Google -Google Earth too. I needed a document handler so bought this app for €4.95. (email as attachment). I then spent a couple of hour’s just playing – best toy going! (I think it is important to enjoy yourself while being serious)

Enjoyed picture taking without a flash and made a few videos again excellent quality. I set up an Apple id. I logged into YouTube. Joined Wimbledon and imeem. Made a serious video about the phone, took me four tries to get it reasonably ok -will put it up on youtube tomorrow. Went down the pub and started typing this ~ wide screen, two thumbs.

Problems: Battery life seems very poor, ran out of memory, haven’t found support for Adobe (must have it). Then disaster: battery warning, I left it for a bit then plugged it in. Left it for 2 hours, tried it: nothing. Went online no help could be found. 3 hours: nothing. Went to bed. Woke up & tried it and nothing. Very disappointed. Took it back to the shop, ok come back in an hour. Ok. Went back “sorry too busy, come back tomorrow? or here is the apple support number….”

Went home, a bit sad as I thought I had found a great piece of serious hardware.

Phoned Apple support: “Ok, hold both buttons down at the same time” And it all came back to life! Battery? “Just flick the switch on the side to turn off 3G and the battery will last 3 times as long, have a nice day”

Cool. Time to post my video to YouTube. Tried 3 times but couldn’t get it to work -don’t know why…..yet. Given my experience it is probably me ;). The video is a .mov file so it is huge. I will convert it and reduce the size by about 70% (flash or windows)

So, new kid on the block, good looking, rich, street smart, sexy, really intelligent, fits in with the cool guys but your parents will love him.

Hey! Just got a new best friend.

The Video is here

The O2, Niel Young and Father’s Day

I am awed, once more.

It was my birthday on March 26th and it was one of the big ones. A decade milestone. My daughter Sekani bought me a ticket to see Niel Young at The Point sometime in June. I thought how cool she is and thought no more about it really.

Time passed and I was very pleased with myself. The websites were looking really good and I had mastered Flash and video. I had become a web hosting company.

I got a text message from Majella, my ex, saying Niel Young was on Sunday. Oh. Well I didn’t think I’d go, make up some excuse. I had seen Niel Young in 2001 ~ it was Ok but I couldn’t see much, it was a hassle getting to Dublin and even more of a hassle getting home afterwards. I would make some excuse.

Sekani came round the next day. “You going to see Niel Young on Sunday, Dad?” “Sure darling”, I shouldn’t be so lazy!!! I guess I could do it…….

Sunday came. It was 10.30 am. Mick, who was staying with me, asked if I was going to the concert. Shit! Yes. Went on to Kearns Buses website, there was a bus but I phoned them to make sure.It was at 2.30pm. It was 11.30am now. So I had a shower and got changed. Found a nice sweater made by….. The Point! Seemed like an omen. Went to the shop and got a salad. Had €70 so Ok.

Dermot came round to pick up his laptop that I had upgraded. Mick and Dermot talked about the Kilkenny v. Galway hurling match played in Tullamore, yesterday. The both said I would be too hot on a sweaty bus (no a/c on Irish buses) and I should dress down. Nah. Dermot left, it was 1.30pm. Mick told me to play some Niel Young but I couldn’t really find anything, they were all a bit played out. But I put on “Hey, hey, my,my” rock and roll will never die.

2.10 ~ left home, went to the bank and got out an extra €40. Waited for the bus. Hey! saw a poster in a shop window. It was Father’s Day! Cool.The bus came and I paid my €13 return. Found a seat. Directed the a/c stream to my face. Reclined the seat and fell asleep.

4.15 ~ we were in Dublin. Turned off the a/c as I was a bit chilly. Pulled up at O’Connell Bridge and before getting off double checked with the driver about the 10.25pm bus back from ???? Brewer St. Girl gave me their pamphlet. The bus driver said “You don’t know where that is, do you?” I told him I would get a cab.

Had a fag and soaked up the vibe, watching the traffic and the people. It was sunny and warm and summer. Feeling good, looking good. Needed a pee so turned round and there was a pub, a big one. Re-leaved my self and ordered a pint of Guinness. Watched the screen behind the bar and spotted a widget I could use. The pint came and I went and sat down near a big screen and watched some highlights of the Kilkenny match.

Fancied a smoke so found the smoking area. Usually I am a bit shy, but that was the old me! I was confident, self assured, OK kind of a guy now. Cool I was! I sat down next to a lady and commented how the view of an alley was a bit depressing. We chatted. She was from Coventry, on holiday and off to visit some relatives in Westmeath tomorrow. She finished her cigarette, wished me a nice day.

I had a sip of beer, rolled another fag.

“is this chair free?” He was about thirty with a foreign accent. He was a kiwi and I commented how I had just watched Lord of the Rings and how beautiful New Zealand was. He said Ireland was beautiful and rainy just like NZ. He was single and a welder, working on a gas pipeline. We chatted, potted life stories. One of his basic philosophy’s in life: Help the youngsters starting out, 3 out of 5 make it. “Well we are all in this life together…..”

I finished my pint and walked out into the sunshine. Looking around, smiling, enjoying the afternoon. Went and sat on a memorial watching the comings and goings of O’Connell bridge. Got a family guy to take a photo. (Beware Des Bishop’s knackers and Dubs). Took a few pics, the street, the Liffey, humming the Foggy Dew. Went for a stroll, took more pics ~ The Post Office with it’s bullet holes. I found myself next to a statue of James Joyce and got a streetcleaner to take a pic. I sent it to Mick.

6.10pm ~ found a taxi. “The Point please” Chatted about the economy 425,000 unemployed. Depressing. So he asked me who I was going to see? He said great! And did I know his birthday was the same as Niel Young’s?

6.25pm doors open in ten minutes. So, no longer the Point eh? It was The O2. It was June 21st 2009, Father’s day. With Neil Young. We were let in and I looked around. Got myself a pint. Hmmm.. could see the stage a bit and the underside of stairs. Hmmm. Checked out there was a smoking area. Finished my pint and walked up the stairs to the arena seats. WOW! WOW! WOW!

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Calmed down a little bit and went for a fag. Guy came over and sat down next to me and in a thick Belfast accent said “take a swig o this” passing me a half bottle of whiskey. I took a good swig and let out a yell! We introduced our selves, “Colin” and a fan. Ha, we were at the 2001 concert together. “Fancy a smoke?” Colin asked. I declined. Then after a few minutes, wtf, gimme some. So comfortably high now. “Keep on rockin in the free world Colin”

8.15pm ~ I had found my seat. Block L 55 155. Right at the back, right in the middle. Perfect. Centre : The Stage, lhs : big video screen for close ups, rhs: the same.

8.35pm, the lights go out, 12,000 people start cheering. Single spotlight on the mike, close up video screens flicker on, there he is : Niel Young 1945 ~ Now. Looking a bit old perhaps but… He says “Hi…Welcome…Thanks for coming” We all roar back. The middle aged civil servant next to me cheers. Niel starts to sing….hey hey….my, my…rock and roll will never die. I wipe away the emotion flowing down my cheeks. I sing along.(Oh The Sound Quality ~ Dolby Best!) He finishes and the crowd erupts. He plays Cinnamon Girl. Full on Rock guitar. I rock, I play air guitar, I know the riffs. He climaxes five times with the drummer. The crowd goes wild.

He goes to the mike and says he is having a good time. He turns on the front spot lights and illuminates US! All of us, full house us. 12,000 of us. We scream Yeah! House lights off. he puts on his harmonica and walks over to the piano. He plays……he sings….he plays the harmonica as only he can. He has totally got us. In fact there is no ‘us’ it’s ‘We’. He plays some more songs, he plays the organ, the electric slide hawaiian guitar is featured. He stops and goes to the mike…

“I’ve got a friend in the audience. This is for you. Happy Father’s Day” and he plays My Favourite Song ~ Harvest Moon. I cry and sing. It can’t get any better. Lord let me die now…..

9.45pm I checked the time. I would have to go soon. It’s ok, boy have I had a good time. One more song, then the bus.

Down By The River. I shot my baby….dead……ooohhhh…shot her dead….

But it was new! It was old! It was classic. It was Neil Young. At the chorus it was we singing, sometimes you could barely hear Neil. ………

10.05pm Gotta go. Moved out into the still-light night and hailed a cab.. “??????? Brewer St please.” I’ve got to get my bus home. He asked if I was sure busses go from there? I handed him the leaflet the girl had given me. He pulled over to put on his glasses. Oh Ok, it must be a private bus. I gave him a €3 tip he wished me a happy life.

10.22pm I remembered the street from seeing Avril Lavigne at the old Point with Sekani. I was in the right place. Cathal Brugha St

10.30pm Got on the bus with two others. Re lived the concert as we motored through the total darkness of the countryside.

11.47pm Arrived back in Tullamore. I thanked the driver for the excellent service. I was the only one getting off.

Midnight. Put on the kettle for a cup of coffee. Had a fag. A tear or two rolled down my cheek. Sorry, getting old I guess. I am 60. I am only just starting to peak.

Editors Note : I peaked on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 at 12:14 pm by Dude

Now~Events / Internet Stats

Millions of web sites, Billions of web pages ~ half the Irish population on line. Ireland Broadband Map

C’mon Ireland The World Will Not Wait!

C’mon Clare

LINK : Now~Events

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The Widget King

My alter ego and Internet Freak, par excellance, now styles himself as “The Widget King” and maybe he is!?

We start off with the Twitter Widget that everyone knows and loves so I won’t bore you with it. But things start to get interesting with . Here we have three widgets ~ BBC World Headlines, CNN and a Reuters amusing “funny but true” widget. All nicely laid out. Very good. (Note the minimalist design to suit the topic)

Can’t go anywhere without Music? Well this is the widget for you. Radio Widget is a search engine for Artists / Composers ~ from Akon to Beethoven. You can also search for a musical instrument (try harpsichord and see what you get.) It will then proceed to play the associated music, in high quality sound often re-sampled for the best sound around. After the first play of the artist you may get a re-mix. Very modern, very now, so 2009.

Appearance is important and you may have eschewed Wallpapers on your PC as tacky. Not so now with the Wallpaper Widget! Titled “Explorations of Beauty and Decay” will provide you with a desktop wallpaper that will enrich your computing experience. My favourite and the one I use is called “Demolition – Background” a sweeping staircase in a derelict house, black and white. You also get ordinary stuff like “Waterfalls” if you are more traditional. There is an Architecture section too. Definitely go to and be cool.

You may already know or have seen the Animation Widget at It is a showcase of Animations ( I absolutely love the featured animation “Iz: The Spirit of Aloha – animated short by Eric Provan ” ~ brings a a tear to my eye) These are not Disney ~ there are other animators too you know.

Some people have given Wikipedia a bad name. Personally I think it is a great resource. Google thinks so, techcrunch (mashlogic plugin) thinks so. Check out the stats : ” At a rate of 600 words a minute, twenty-four hours a day, a person could read nearly 27,000,000 words in a month. In the month of July 2006, Wikipedia grew by over 30,000,000 words.” So on his wiki page you have a Wikipedia Search Engine. Type in your query, click search and you will be taken to the associated article via Google! Egghead!

Had enough? Are you sick of widgets? Well Tech News Help is not for Geeks, it is a valuable help site for all. You may be surprised at what you will find to optimise your PC.

A word about widgets ~ all displayed news, headlines, articles, resources etc are clickable and will open the associated page in a new tab. So you can select, click, read, share etc etc.

Well what do you think? Add a comment, help keep him under control. For me? (but I am biased)……….

All Hail The Widget King!

Resources….and they are free

All links open in a new window ~ taken from

If you are a bit new then please go to Help & FAQ first. So much, so little time. The idea behind this page is to expedite your Internet experience and basically make it more fun, more informative. All recommendations here are free downloads. All can be uninstalled. Most can be configured to your desires.

All are compatible with Windows Vista. Again, all are FREE. I have tested them on an ordinary, small lap top and my main rule of thumb is : Don’t Slow Down The Operating System. Don’t Slow Down My Surfing. I use Firefox I use Chrome. I use Internet Explorer If you have a website view my page code, highlight the code you want, copy, paste into your web site HTML. Just change the file reference to your file reference. Copy the whole page if you like, save as:/appropriatedirectory/pjfbncyl.html. All links here are absolute. Publish as yourname.html at your own risk ~ just remember to keep it free if you can.Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉

The Management
[We are +2009 Compatible]

  • Google Wave : This is really really exciting : have signed up for it : Google Wave

  • Surfing with information : This plug in forFirefox will give you a Wikipedia link and breaking news on an item that is underlined. You get a pop up, in the form of a comment box and then you can read it or follow the links. At first I didn’t like it ~ but now I love it. @philipjbryan
  • After hours of surfing I end up with a million tabs. After following Twitter links I end up with a gazillion tabs. I used to scan the pages, close them down and then maybe regret it. Now I have foxTabs. I demand visually exciting things, If you want to see a very short demo then click here (You will also see a Firefox configuration using tool bars , just enabled the tool bars for demo > I only use two)…take a break, review with foxTabs, at the end of the day, review with foxTabs. Get it here.
  • I love Video. Youtube is great….. but I downloaded Adobe Media Player. You have News, Favourites, Comments, Recommendation, Downloads, Your Own Account. Works off line with your downloads. The quality is awesome. +++You must visit ExposureRoom too. You will see the latest short films in widescreen, full screen, HD. My favourite is Philip Bloom who has been making
    Videos for Europe for 20 years. I could go on
    and on but see for yourself : You get your own account here I found a great site for downloading Videos, full length, perfect quality, but there must be copyright issues so I can’t tell you 😦
  • Music be the food of love….I have discussed this in my music page. The reason I mention it here
    is because I see music as a natural resource. I don’t buy music anymore. So many super stars are super rich, yeah millionaires. Why don’t they retire? Do they do it for the money? No, they do it because they fucking love it. Rock On Dudes. I download you.
  • I used to bookmark everything. I have never really revisited a site again, especially when I was into marketing. Boy I have book marked rubbish. Now I discriminate and I am Delicious Get the tool bar, log in
    automatically when you start your browser. Make your Book Marks public but don’t book mark crap, If you do something good or cool then book mark yourself, don’t be shy ~ share. For everything
    else use Google  .
  • Lastly share with the world,StumbleuponDigg,Facebook,Twitter, a target=”_blank” href=””>Seed NewsVine,Blog about it but I guess all you need is thehareaholic plug in for Firefox / Chrome / IE~ anyway Its two-way now. Passivity is dead. If you need a domain ask me andI will set it up for you… (.com only). Currently there are a trillion urls out there, you have email,  et a domain as well. I can run it for you, I can design your web site……no no no no NO! Do It Yourself. (Sorry that sounds a bit harsh, plus if you are a business I WILL do everything ~ but it will cost you)

If you would like me to check something out, research and test it,then let me know. The only condition is that its got to be free. If its good I will publish it, all you get is anhonourable mention.  I don’t advertise here. En

Animations + Wink ~ Screen Capture Mouse

“Doncha just love  Animations?

Posted on June 2nd by Philip

Fun Time!

We all love animation. Delighted us from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood. .We laugh, we cry, we boo and hiss but we definitely smile. Charles M. Schultz gave us Bugs Bunny (I just love “Kill the Wabbit” after Wagner, a triumph. I looked for it on Youtube but no luck). My friend Russell was doing a PhD on Shultz, he made me a 3 hour video of his work that entertained me for hours. What a team Pixar have got too! In Ireland at 6pm you can watch the News or The Simpsons Doh! Anyway we all have our favourites.

CurrentlyI love the work of Michael Sormann (his web site is here) who has mastered 3D animation, well actually its a short movie. I have a copy of my favourite on my other site but it has a bug – you only get half of it , you can have lunch while it is downloading. Its a .mov file so it is absolutely huge but you do get the quality. You should visit his site.

Well, since you asked, yes I am an animator too. My first work: not-a-virgin-now-2.htm is the result of me discovering Wink, an amazing screen capture program which I will put to professional use. I quickly followed it with undo.htm A tribute to my first sports car , a Damson Triumph Spitfire convertible, sigh. I heartily recommend Wink and like prezi it is so much fun to use you don’t give a damn if only your best friend and your daughter see it. It is free, can’t be sold on and the authors seem to think it has bugs. Haven’t found any myself in the capture, render to flash .swf, , publish as .htm and PDF and PostScript after compressing the whole damn thing!!!!! Whetted your appetite, haven’t I ? Well I am not going to tell you where to get it. You’ve got Google, find it yourself! LOL. Mine were done with a ten year old graphics program I love, I’m gonna do some more ~ only for the practice of course, He He. I am pretty sure I can convert it to a flash .fla or .flv file (get a bit confused sometimes, I only really understand .swf) ~ then I can embed it in prezi. No, its not another Internet app. It’s a “show-to-your-friends-down-the-pub-when-you-take-your-lap-top-to-show-them-prezi” kind of app. Seriously though it is a superb presentation / software tutorial package

OMG Everything is Linked!
Well, its 2 am so I am off to bed. Yawn… G’night. ………..Well not really I am off to play with Wink
P.S. Update: Had three hours sleep and created Wink on prezi ~ R & D ~ now for some reason I couldn’t get it to work on my main server so put it on my Irish server. Ah sure, it may be a bit slow, but its friendly. ”

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