Firefox 3.5 Released

Mozilla Seems like a very good improvement. It certainly is fast. I added febe, a back up manager, firebug for web development (html 5 development plus editing tools plus web site speed plus CSS verification…..) and colorzilla which allows for colour picking on site. That will keep me going. Firefox has always been my default […]

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Apple iPhone 3G (s)

So I have to learn how to type with two thumbs iPhone review On Friday I bought a new phone, first in 5 years. I had heard about the iPhone but thought “not for me” then a new one arrived 3G (s). I read about it and it looked good. I needed a new phone […]

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The Widget King

My alter ego and Internet Freak, par excellance, now styles himself as “The Widget King” and maybe he is!? We start off with the Twitter Widget that everyone knows and loves so I won’t bore you with it. But things start to get interesting with . Here we have three widgets ~ BBC World […]

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