Happy Birthday NASA

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"On this day in 1958, the U.S. Congress passes legislation establishing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a civilian agency responsible for coordinating Americas activities in space. NASA has since sponsored space expeditions, both human and mechanical, that have yielded vital information about the solar system and universe. It has also launched numerous earth-orbiting satellites that have been instrumental in everything from weather forecasting to navigation to global communications."

NASA….Love your work, dahling. Many Happy Returns from all at :

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A New Blog No Less

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The New Site
The New Site

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Hard Work
Hard Work

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Now I feel really incestuous…..

The Ravens Kiss My Mouth

Thank You Mick ~ You gave me Charles Bukowski so I set up this site https://irishsecure.com/theravenskissmymouth.com/ / waiting for the DNS to be resolved.

Ego gone a bit rampant? Well why not, we’ve all got one and don’t hide your light under a bushel is an old saying ~ Mathew 5:15 . So I will try and shine brightly.

I am still enjoying myself. “Enthusiasm” : Etymology:
Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein to be inspired, irregular from entheos inspired, from en- + theos god
is my watchword.

Please visit the site, especially you Michael Scully, add to it, criticise it, laugh at it, give it a-right-old-slagging . Ignore it? Well my 15 or so loyal readers won’t ha ha 🙂

vicissitudinous is the featured word although we nearly had “Vagaries”

“va·gary (vā′gə rē; və ger′ē, -gar′-)

noun pl. vagaries -·gar′·ies

1. an odd, eccentric, or unexpected action or bit of conduct
2. an odd, whimsical, or freakish idea or notion; oddity; caprice

Etymology: earlier used as a v., to wander < L vagari, to wander < vagus: see vague

What do they mean See : Vague? Bastard Dictionaries, bit opinionated if you ask me…….

[ Note to self : Ikkó sui ja. Kochya Edomurasaki nara daisuki daisuki ]

Well, there you have it…..

Monday 27th July 5:58 am

P.S. Whoops Now Irland is set up

P.P.S. : Sorry, My Computa has its’ own telephone number now : +353 76 602 4905

Mammon, mamón and The 7% Solution

I tried to fix a computer yesterday, it’s what I do for spare cash. After two hours I had it 93% fixed and a solution to fixing the other 7% so I phoned the customer to pick up the machine ~ €30 please. I went and had a pint, feeling smug. I reviewed Irish Secure and The Internet Shop and was proud. I went back to the (John’s used to be mine) office. I wrote a note on the customers’ screen telling him how brilliant I was. Then I tried to fix the 7% problem myself instead of waiting to go on-line to Microsoft and updating the operating system. I tried a few things but the damn thing was so slow (10 years old) I pulled the plug on it while it was booting to get into Safe Mode. The blue screen of death came up *Boot-Sector not found”. I had lost the hard disk. Tried for an hour but the blue screen of death laughed at all my efforts. Phoned the client and tomorrow he will bring in the operating system CDs and I will try again booting from them. I cursed my stupidity.

D picked me up to finalise the project I was doing for him. In the bmw, driving to his €1.2 million tudor style house, I told him about The Internet Shop. He asked how much it cost ~ I told him (€30 per month) and he said that’s expensive, you will have to be making money from that. (he spends that on dog food a week). ?!?

I told him my scribd pdfs had 600 views in the past 2 weeks. “Fantastic”, he said I hope you got their email addresses (implying they can be sold too) . ???!!!!!

I lost it.

I ranted and ranted and shouted about the importance of ART of CULTURE of SHARING of LEARNiNG of GIVING BACK…. of FUN. Of GROWING as a Human Being.

We discussed ‘his’ project. He didn’t like The Mobey Dick pdf I had included on the bonus CD “Not Relevant” . “Too much about meditation” he said. He didn’t like my artwork. Not big enough headline selling the idea. He didn’t like the insert, too plain needs to be….OK easily remeded, You decide on the picture, you decide on the layout, you decide on the sales pitch ~ I will do what you say.

By the way I don’t get paid for this, I have been promised a share of the profits.

Not a perfect day Lou Reed, not a perfect day

The 7th Seal ~ Bergman

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A classic no doubt but what to make of it? The characterisation is superb but so fraught with angst, it is almost distracting. Not embarrasingly so, though. Stoic Death, an everyman's last nightmare; no solace in love and definitely no solace in God. The church is played for the fool, The Fools "The horse is sitting in the tree" ??? Esoteric? Existential? Bit of a laugh really, which is why I chose this clip. Insults!

It all ends with Death leading the entourage into a merry distant dance while the visionary, his young, pretty, pragmatic wife smiling  wryly clutching her baby,  move off with the sunshine.

So there is hope, The Human Condition is not totally bleak……

JANET, ARPANET & Gaelic :)

I came across this rather remarkable review of Dr Nahum Goldmann’s book “Online Information Hunting” in Gaelic (with English Translation) . If you liked “In The Beginning Was The Command Line” then this little 3 page gem will take you to the beginning of The Internet. Truly a little bit of history. I am doubly fascinated because I am studying Gaelic ~ Wow what a wierd and wonderful mix! I wonder if Goldmann’s book is still in print? Though it seems a bit long…….

It is truly amazing what a Google search will pick up (well I am amazed). Just wait I will practise a few obscure sentences and toss them in to Gaelic speakers ~ ha ha that will ruffle a few feathers ( I did the same in Japan from a great book : ” Modern Colloquialisms ~ Japanes – English” e.g neko-ni-koban – “like casting pearls before swine ” lol) Any traveller will tell you that a few well-chosen words in the local language works wonders, breaking ice and creating an instant rapport (sorry but “Gomen nasai, watashi no nihongo wa totemo heta desu ” ~ “I am terribly sorry, my Japanese is very poor ” delivered with perfect inflection, tone and emphasis in Samurai style wowed any Japanese person I met > of course a great opening line to speaking English…..)

Life is so much fun though

Nunca passa nada a qui

My First Gulp

What fun I have been having. ~ My First Gulp is actually http://irishphotoalbums.com/x/adobe and I haven’t had so much fun with images since I discovered MS Paint LOL Must See ~ especially for the most wonderful PDF you will ever see!

After two hours here is what I made ~ A poor dinasaur with hardly any skin, bleeding, no teeth, burnt by a fierce sun of rampant energy. He is dying and he knows it.

The Last Dinosaur
The Last Dinosaur

😦 So Sad…….

BUT oh the image handling is superb but what excites me most is the 3D. I am in the process of resurrecting my Silicon Graphics 64-Bit Workstation ~ HA! again, I bought siggi 12 years ago ~ Windows has finally caught up!

This is ptofessional stuff come to the PC and the learning curve while steepish isn’t too bad if you have a good pair of hiking boots, a native guide and a path well travelled.

Yep 5 Stars ~ Excellent Stuff
(Anyone lend me some money?)