The Director’s Cut

He films what he sees

Posted on July 1st 2009 by A Committed Fan & Personal Friend

Emerging Talent

The Director: Pjfbncyl “Phil” to his admirers, “Oy you” to his detractors. Egocentric, centrally egotistical, you cannot mistake one of his films. His subjects are raw, four-take-wonders, rehearsed to the banal, mundane in exposure, He eschews the boom, the steady cam, the tripod and instead incorporates the “slight shake” of the hand-held. “Visually Stunning, Blade Runner Futurism, The Matrix Special Effects, Epic ” are all clearly not seen in his work. He uses colour sparingly preferring drab or perhaps Drab, When there is fast movement there is blurring which captures the speed and leaves head-spinning eye rolling breathlessness. To date all his professional movies have been set in The Living Room of his bijou downtown apartment in the fashionable, red-light district of Tullamore. Of course he is not angry, he has transcended anger, lifting hubris ” overweening pride, superciliousness, or arrogance, often resulting in fatal retribution or nemesis ” to a distinction seldom seen now-a-days, it is child-like refreshment.

A very young man in movie history but in fact really quite old, you will hear Neil Young sound bites throughout. He has been called existential, a “Cuckoo’s Nest” birth and uplifting we-have-all-been-there elfin simplistic comic-tragedies. His very first movie ” 0002″ later becoming “My First One” finalised in “OMG” has been banned in most catholic countries because of use of the f word in the screen titles. Despite this it can still be bought in Clara and is screened after 12.30 am on every third Tuesday. at Brian’s house. It will always be included in retrospectives.


Animation: April 2009

* “not-a-virgin-now-2” running time 22 secs, (includes first voice over)
* “Undo” running time 15 secs (nominated for best short film)
* “Wink on Prezi” running time 3 min 36 secs (first documentary)
* “foxTabs” running time infinity (pause enabled) alternative title “an adventure in 3D”

Moving Pictures

* “Mine” running time 4 min 32 secs (featuring Gomez ) a slide show of influencing scenes ~ filmed on location in Tullamore, Ladakh, Lamu and Monument Valley. Lens by : Canon
* “iPhone 3G(s)” running time 9 min 46 secs ~ embracing new technology. Historical keynote movie made with movie-in-movie-movie techniques. Starring Pjfbncyl (narrator), Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Michael Jackson (plus cameo Wycliffe Jean) and Bill Gates. First commercial movie, endorsing Apple Inc. (on General Release on Blip TV)
* “iPhone 3G (s) ~ Take 2” running time 9min 25 secs. Widescreen version and augmented sound (available on YouTube only) Sound track available on iTunes


“What I did, Me ~The Complete Collection April to June 2009” a Pjfbncyl film will be released July 18th on DVD and Blue-Ray . $14.99. For download on iTunes $3.75c

Director : Pjfbncyl
Produced by Schizo & Phrenia,
Screenplay: Pjfb / Scribd,
Lighting by ESB (Ireland),
Special Effects by : PJFBTRIX~7 + Cool Iris
Post Production: Sekani Finlay-Bryan, Dermot Kinahan
Graphics: CorelXARA 2 1998, Photoshop CS4
Sound by: CRELTIVE
Music: Cold Play, Leftfield, The Doors, Gomez, Thriller, Billy Jean
Key grip: HoldingLeft
Computer Operators: RHMouse & One Click (inc. right click 1994)
Stunt Coordinator : PjManSize
Internet: Firefox 3.5
Distribution Sole Rights: TechnologyIsMe Blip. TV (Adobe Pending)

Special Mention:
Cool Iris, © Microsoft Vista Premium, Apple Inc, Kate Bryan (for the mental training), Intel, Dell Computers, HostGator, Adobe, Wink. IMDb, and Bob Marley for doing what he does.

Phil can often be found at his local pub Just For The Craic

Pjfbncyl Agent
William-Michael Carpenter

Studio City, CA:
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Suite 785
Studio City, CA 91604
Phone: 1800-323-877-8300
inquiries [at]


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  1. Available for commissioning, daily hire rates, post production editing included. Free complimentary CD, signed by the director (leather wallet optional extra)

    Please Contact William-Michael (Week days only)

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