Archives 1997 to 1999

The Celtic Tiger ~ 12 years ago we owned This was our site. [sorry I was really into Japanese at the time – can’t remember what it had to do with Ireland, lol] It is now owned by Heartland Solutions, Inc. a Florida company making electrical transformers. 😦

The Cyber Café ~ We started our own association, country wide, IICA > Irish Internet Café Association. We would have monthly meetings, hosted by a different café each month. We would make rules about pornography and such things. There were 19 of us. (Not a bad site for 1998.)

Y2K ~ [WARNING : THIS SITE CRASHES FIREFOX 3.5] Remember the scare 10 years ago? Every computer in the whole wide world was going to die in the first minute of 2000. Ha! We were ready!

Pubs ~ Fancy a pint? Pubs were beginning to get on line. Have a look > chintzy wallpaper and reflecting leprechauns but it did use a database.

Anatolia ~ ” is an area of Turkey famous for its outstanding physical beauty hospitality, excellent food and wine. ” My first restaurant site, owned by a very nice guy.

NADAS ~ Native Acquisition Data Services. Wow serious stuff, using “Open Query” no less. VMS, server/client C++, Tullamore and Bond St, London. Took me weeks to get the open query/ triangle graphic sorted.

Cairde ~ “I assume that I am speaking to Englishmen who value their freedom…Believe that we too love freedom and desire it. To us it is more than anything else in the world” – Patrick Pearse. Hope I don’t get told off for this. Really sorry about the layout but it was designed for 800×600.
Just an Englishman trying to make amends……..Philip

There is more to come….but this is a start



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