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Paranoid? Need a Secure Server? Well here is your solution:

Heard of ECHELON? They are reading your emails. They are watching YOU through SECURITY CAMERAS. They have a file on you, a DIGITAL FILE. They know who your friends are, they know who your mistress / lover is, THEY KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON SATURDAY 3rd NOVEMBER OUTSIDE CENTRA IN PATRICK ST AT 2AM.

…….they know your I.P. address, operating system, browser, cookies, java. THEY KNOW HOW BIG YOUR SCREEN IS., they know your resolution….

……trust me, I am your friend, I can help, just give me your password and I will encrypt it for you, just between us, I don’t usually do this but you are special..

Hey! I could encrypt your credit card details too, just fill out this simple form……



  1. The best passwords have more than 8 or 9 characters and are comprised of alphanumeric characters, a combination of letters and numbers, says John Pirc, a former cybersecurity specialist for the CIA and current executive with IBM Internet Security Systems. But really, he says, this is a people issue in that employees often don’t practice good password safety and may use the same password for many different applications.

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