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In 2010 a new protocol / code will be used for the creation of web pages. It is called html5. It is an upgrade to xhtml. html stands for hyper text markup language and it is fairly easy to learn and fairly easy to construct. If you want to see it go to View > page source. A good simple example is here :

Am I teaching Granny to suck eggs? Sorry

A great web site to see html5 in action is Phase-5, a German site which I have translated > [thanks Google, bit stilted but with its own charm] One of the key features of html5 seems to be its ability to handle video which this short demonstrates. You can also get a cheat sheet code description from the site.

Anyway have a look and leave a comment. I am excited and will have something to show you in a couple of weeks. BTW filmed vertically as all the cool and fashionable sites are long and thin 🙂

Tech Info : Another iPhone production – have to get a better method


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