What fun I have been having. ~ My First Gulp is actually http://irishphotoalbums.com/x/adobe and I haven’t had so much fun with images since I discovered MS Paint LOL Must See ~ especially for the most wonderful PDF you will ever see!

After two hours here is what I made ~ A poor dinasaur with hardly any skin, bleeding, no teeth, burnt by a fierce sun of rampant energy. He is dying and he knows it.

The Last Dinosaur

The Last Dinosaur

😦 So Sad…….

BUT oh the image handling is superb but what excites me most is the 3D. I am in the process of resurrecting my Silicon Graphics 64-Bit Workstation ~ HA! again, I bought siggi 12 years ago ~ Windows has finally caught up!

This is ptofessional stuff come to the PC and the learning curve while steepish isn’t too bad if you have a good pair of hiking boots, a native guide and a path well travelled.

Yep 5 Stars ~ Excellent Stuff
(Anyone lend me some money?)