JANET, ARPANET & Gaelic :)

I came across this rather remarkable review of Dr Nahum Goldmann’s book “Online Information Hunting” in Gaelic (with English Translation) . If you liked “In The Beginning Was The Command Line” then this little 3 page gem will take you to the beginning of The Internet. Truly a little bit of history. I am doubly fascinated because I am studying Gaelic ~ Wow what a wierd and wonderful mix! I wonder if Goldmann’s book is still in print? Though it seems a bit long…….

It is truly amazing what a Google search will pick up (well I am amazed). Just wait I will practise a few obscure sentences and toss them in to Gaelic speakers ~ ha ha that will ruffle a few feathers ( I did the same in Japan from a great book : ” Modern Colloquialisms ~ Japanes – English” e.g neko-ni-koban – “like casting pearls before swine ” lol) Any traveller will tell you that a few well-chosen words in the local language works wonders, breaking ice and creating an instant rapport (sorry but “Gomen nasai, watashi no nihongo wa totemo heta desu ” ~ “I am terribly sorry, my Japanese is very poor ” delivered with perfect inflection, tone and emphasis in Samurai style wowed any Japanese person I met > of course a great opening line to speaking English…..)

Life is so much fun though

Nunca passa nada a qui


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