Mammon, mamón and The 7% Solution

I tried to fix a computer yesterday, it’s what I do for spare cash. After two hours I had it 93% fixed and a solution to fixing the other 7% so I phoned the customer to pick up the machine ~ €30 please. I went and had a pint, feeling smug. I reviewed Irish Secure and The Internet Shop and was proud. I went back to the (John’s used to be mine) office. I wrote a note on the customers’ screen telling him how brilliant I was. Then I tried to fix the 7% problem myself instead of waiting to go on-line to Microsoft and updating the operating system. I tried a few things but the damn thing was so slow (10 years old) I pulled the plug on it while it was booting to get into Safe Mode. The blue screen of death came up *Boot-Sector not found”. I had lost the hard disk. Tried for an hour but the blue screen of death laughed at all my efforts. Phoned the client and tomorrow he will bring in the operating system CDs and I will try again booting from them. I cursed my stupidity.

D picked me up to finalise the project I was doing for him. In the bmw, driving to his €1.2 million tudor style house, I told him about The Internet Shop. He asked how much it cost ~ I told him (€30 per month) and he said that’s expensive, you will have to be making money from that. (he spends that on dog food a week). ?!?

I told him my scribd pdfs had 600 views in the past 2 weeks. “Fantastic”, he said I hope you got their email addresses (implying they can be sold too) . ???!!!!!

I lost it.

I ranted and ranted and shouted about the importance of ART of CULTURE of SHARING of LEARNiNG of GIVING BACK…. of FUN. Of GROWING as a Human Being.

We discussed ‘his’ project. He didn’t like The Mobey Dick pdf I had included on the bonus CD “Not Relevant” . “Too much about meditation” he said. He didn’t like my artwork. Not big enough headline selling the idea. He didn’t like the insert, too plain needs to be….OK easily remeded, You decide on the picture, you decide on the layout, you decide on the sales pitch ~ I will do what you say.

By the way I don’t get paid for this, I have been promised a share of the profits.

Not a perfect day Lou Reed, not a perfect day


One thought on “Mammon, mamón and The 7% Solution

  1. Fixed the computa ~ had to wipe the whole hard disk, the client lost everything!! Do you know what he said? “Well it needed it – I’ve got a new machine now”

    BTW Got sacked today, now I am really really working for myself ~ Thank God 🙂

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