The Ravens Kiss My Mouth

Thank You Mick ~ You gave me Charles Bukowski so I set up this site / waiting for the DNS to be resolved.

Ego gone a bit rampant? Well why not, we’ve all got one and don’t hide your light under a bushel is an old saying ~ Mathew 5:15 . So I will try and shine brightly.

I am still enjoying myself. “Enthusiasm” : Etymology:
Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein to be inspired, irregular from entheos inspired, from en- + theos god
is my watchword.

Please visit the site, especially you Michael Scully, add to it, criticise it, laugh at it, give it a-right-old-slagging . Ignore it? Well my 15 or so loyal readers won’t ha ha 🙂

vicissitudinous is the featured word although we nearly had “Vagaries”

“va·gary (vā′gə rē; və ger′ē, -gar′-)

noun pl. vagaries -·gar′·ies

1. an odd, eccentric, or unexpected action or bit of conduct
2. an odd, whimsical, or freakish idea or notion; oddity; caprice

Etymology: earlier used as a v., to wander < L vagari, to wander < vagus: see vague

What do they mean See : Vague? Bastard Dictionaries, bit opinionated if you ask me…….

[ Note to self : Ikkó sui ja. Kochya Edomurasaki nara daisuki daisuki ]

Well, there you have it…..

Monday 27th July 5:58 am

P.S. Whoops Now Irland is set up

P.P.S. : Sorry, My Computa has its’ own telephone number now : +353 76 602 4905


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