Happy Birthday Dr Who

This day in history: At sixteen minutes past five on 23rd November 1963, a British television institution was born. Doctor Who would go on to become the longest-running science-fiction programme in the world, eventually spawning twenty six seasons of adventures from 1963 to 1989. In total, eight actors have played the part of Gallifrey’s most […]

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The Day The Word Fuck Disappeared

by Michael Scully The day the word fuck disappeared Every print of Scarface melted. The day the word fuck disappeared The Oxford English Dictionary Became obsolete. The day the word fuck disappeared D.I.Y. enthusiasts Wore black bandages. The day the word fuck disappeared The word shit Went into hiding. The day the word fuck disappeared […]

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Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner Mauer) was a concrete barrier erected by the German Democratic Republic (GDR) (East Germany) that completely encircled the city of West Berlin, separating it from East Germany, including East Berlin. The Wall included guard towers placed along large concrete walls, which circumscribed a wide area (later known as the “death […]

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The Internet

Hi Graham, Hi Gill, Hi Inty Change Your Mind ~ Change The World Alan Emtage, (born November 27, 1964) conceived and implemented the first version of Archie, a pre-Web internet search engine for locating material in public FTP archives. The author originally wanted to call the program “archives,” but had to shorten it to comply […]

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Tullamore Shopping Centre

Tullamore Shopping Centre (.com) is open. By The Way You may have trouble with the Links ~ The Internet is playing “Catch Up” With me ~lol~ You’re Going To Reap Just What You Sow And Who Would Win? Why Dude Starship of course……….

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1. Opened The Shop at 16 Patrick Street πŸ™‚ 2.Windows 7 “How Do I love thee?” Irish Business LinkπŸ™‚ 3. Worked on my WeddingsOnTheInternet.com forecast and will only lose €146,556 in the first year. πŸ™‚ 4.Hired a cleaner and a Graphic Designer, Should be able to take over Russia btw, Set Up What I Found […]

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