• 1. Opened The Shop at 16 Patrick Street
  • 🙂

  • 2.Windows 7 “How Do I love thee?”
  • Irish Business Link

  • 3. Worked on my forecast and will only lose €146,556 in the first year.
    Bless This House
    Bless This House
  • 🙂

  • 4.Hired a cleaner and a Graphic Designer, Should be able to take over Russia
  • btw, Set Up What I Found In The Attic .com for a mate
    Well eBay is a bit unfriendly

  • 5. Planned Evening sessions. Nite Club on Saturdays for 16 year olds called WTF? REM: Invite BeardyMan
    Monday Nite is Movie Nite Called “That’ll Do Pig” opening with “Babe” Theme song Leonard Cohen ” Chelsea Hotel…You got away, didn’t you, Babe… ” . Show “Cool Hand Luke” on Good Friday.

    Friday Nite is the Casino Called “Phil’s Café Americain” Casablanca playing in the background, roulette wheel for charity “Ravens Kiss”Over 30’s only.

  • 🙂

  • The Place looks Gorgeous. Installed LCD screen in the window mirroring the main inside! WOW! Applied to the local peoples bank for €2k.

    Invited Michelle to the opening on Guy Fawkes Night (404 years fighting Terrorism)

    The First Lady
    The First Lady
  • 🙂

  • Ordered a server for, 8 gigs of RAM! On Interbnet backbone with 1,800 gigs of bandwidth
  • 🙂

  • 6……. > 😦 Oh dear. Got beaten up (alledgedly) by the owner’s son (alledgedly) and a Thuggee…Got thrown out into the street. Called The Cops but
    Locks changed. Electricity turned off. All is Dark. Oh dear 😦
  • Sorry, You must be getting bored…..
  • Sorry
    btw :(…Got Turned Down by the People’s Bank

  • Set up my Dunne Stores LapTop, plugged into The Internet Thingy
  • not happy with the cops so complained sort of…
    Beefed everything up a tad by adding a criminal lawyer and my doctor into the mix….
    Popped out for lunch and had a very nice salad with fetta cheese, loads of olives, tikka chicken and Bruschetta on the side The chef makes his own salad dressing. I mean, forget Ceaser…..
    btw my #irishthursday twitter is so funny…ha ha ha 🙂
    Thought i better be creative to re-charge the old batteries so made this:

    Needed Xtra Gears
  • I’m Getting a bit bored now! So long story short, escated to justice Victims of Crime
    made a video
  • 8?. The perp dumped my PC in the street 😦
    So put the top down and picked it up.
    Sprayed the PC to match the car, damned paparazzi are everywhere

    drove home and plugged it in……
    I can get on with Tony Starks GUI now
    I can get on with Tony Starks GUI now

😉 rotfcmao 🙂

Wrote a short story called “Here There Be Dragons”

Dragon Queen in Civvies
Dragon Queen in Civvies
Dragon Queen After Markings
Dragon Queen After Markings

Look What I Found In The Attic .com

A Weyr of Dragons
Cipriany is a Genius
A Weyr of Dragons, WoW!
Cute Sea Dragon
A Cute REAL Sea Dragon
Can't Leave a Good Image alone can you, a?

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