Eddi Haskell, Haiti and Second Life

I copied this from Eddi Haskell (dot) com

Three weeks ago, on January 12, the most devastating natural disaster in modern times hit Haiti. – a 7.0 Earthquake.  As most people know by now, estimates are that 200,000 people have died, and 1.2 million have been left homeless.

As soon as I heard about this, I decided to do something in Second Life- even if it was small scale. I approached the remarkable Sasun Steinbeck, head of the art galleries group, about setting up a kiosk system for Haiti – with contributions going to Direct Relief International, one of the most effective charity groups in the world with a 99% effectiveness rating.  Our goal was to reach 100,000 linden in donations in three weeks and raise awareness in Second Life for Haiti efforts. We were one of the first to respond, and as of today, we reached our goal. I want to thank Sasun for doing so much and putting in many many hours to make this possible.

The kiosk systems will be coming down today; other groups in Second Life and other individuals are planning their own beneifts.  I will still be depositing all funds that come into my account (including all wedding and photography fees) for the time being into the Haiti effort – with the exception of funds earmarked for the Bread and Jams homeless organization in the United States.

I will be maintaining a donation box though March 1 at the Living Color store in Whiskers if you care to make donations.


  I do want to thank one individual who will continue to collect funds  along with myself for Haiti – Jenwen Walpole at Escort Oasis. But more importantly, Jenwyn has personally raised over $48,000 Linden (at last count) at Escort Oasis for Haiti.  In other words, half the donations were from this one establishment!


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