Its a bit disappointing to see the relatively poor completion of online courses. I have done a couple and enjoyed them a lot, however I was able to take an exam at the end. Maybe this needs a rethink by course providers?


Infographic: How Many Students Are Completing Free Online Courses?

Marcus Varner July 10, 2013 8:00 am Online Education

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MOOCs  Massive Open Online Courses (free online courses that are open to anyone) are more popular than Justin Bieber right now, but, as is to be expected from such a new medium, these online courses have their own share of issues. One puzzling problem is the low completion rates almost across the board. Is the lack of price causing low commitment among students? Are these courses not engaging enough? Are they too long?

MOOCs are too young to have enough real data to figure out this mystery completely. Thanks to education blogger Katy Jordan, however, enough data exists to show that it’s not about course length or number of students enrolled, as shown in our newest infographic: how many students are completing free online courses or…

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