Defining Humanity #edcmooc

e-learning & digital cultures MOOC

Day 16

Block 2 of the E-learning and Digital Cultures course asks the question: ‘What does it mean to be human within a digital culture, and what does that mean for education?’

Given the brief, I decided not to jump straight into this week’s films as I have done in previous weeks. Instead, I am opening with the core content, a lecture from Professor Steve Fuller from University of Warwick entitled ‘Humanity 2.0: defining humanity’.


Professor Fuller speaks very engagingly on historical notions of humanity, although I felt that specific definitions are (perhaps intentionally) alluded to rather than spelled out; giving credence to the idea that “genuine humanity is precious and elusive”.

Picking the meat from the bones (a nod to another of this week’s films), I might conclude from Fuller’s lecture that it is the activities of man that cannot be explained by Darwinian theory that make us human…

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