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In 1985, during a 6 month student placement, I helped program and configure a national UK project where job seekers using touch screen computers in unemployment centers, could access a national database of job opportunities in real time. The department was run by psychologists. I installed the first working model, interviewed users and did statistical analysis. In 1995 I built my first computer with Internet connection. 1996 I put up my first web site.

1997 – 2005

With a group of friends became an Internet Service Provider, called Irish Secure Internet Services ~, in our local town in Ireland. We had two name servers and two web servers. We were also domain registrars. We had a high speed leased line into the Dublin internet backbone. We offered high speed broadband WI-Fi within a 15 mile radius of our office. We set up a cybercafe . We ran ECDL certificated computer literacy classes in our cybercafe which was our main regular income.

All this, in those days, was very very expensive. We received some hefty donations, but the dot com crash, lack of local interest, other teaching companies undercutting us, refusal of government grants, lead to the company being wound up in 2005; debt free and without any loss to our existing customers. I became ill and in 2007 was diagnosed with manic depression [bi-polar].

2010 / 2011

I received a lump sum from my work in the probation service (UK). I bought a decent computer and got a 24/7 broadband connection. I re registered [By the way, these links go to the Internet Archive’s WayBack machine. It has indexed web sites from 1994 to a few months ago, 300 billion so far. Pretty Good a, nothing is ever really lost in cyberspace.]. Through my Internet activity I was able to put myself up for a recommendation to Microsoft as a BizSpark start up.

This is an awesome resource. All Microsorft software is free. ALL with licenses and most with multiple downloads. You can also nominate 8 other people as part of your team. There are free training events and seminars and tech support.I joined tech support as well. All this at no cost. I was chosen to attend the tech support conference for the launch o Windows 7.

I found it impossible to get staff locally despite the offer of joining BizSpark. I tried continually online and had some success but none were truly committed. I trained and obtained my Expert Microsoft Certification in PowerPoint & Excel. I attempted a partnership with a local cybercafe, no commitment and later closed. I started my own domain registration and web hosting company with a rented high spec high speed server based in Texas.. No local interest in domains. I set up where a folder could be bought e.g. where I would put their photos and videos, a guestbook, plus during the day people could sms me their pictures and they would be on the web in 20 minutes. There was a yearly rental fee. I approached the local county, Offaly Enterprise Board, a government body, for funding. My application was fully backed with research and 5 year financial projections. After 2 months they turned me down saying “the internet is not within our purview”.

During this period I joined a cybercommunity called Second Life, a 3D world where you have an avatar. [article here] I had a big row with them as they said they were not going to support Windows 7. I left and joined Blue Mars a more advanced world. [blog here] . Then I got cancer and lost everything.

2012 to Date

I received the all clear in April 2012. I slowly regained my health. I rejoined Second Life. In November I re registered In December I returned it too being a domain registrar and hosting company with a not for profit attitude. I am an active member of [Technology, Entertainment, Design] and a friend in second life [thank you Lee Aulder] told me of RSAnimate on YouTube. After watching many of these I realized that 21stCentury Networking had come of age. So I created still a little in embryo being 2 weeks old and I registered it as a business name.

Sites I operate

I’m Back and loving it!



Philip Finlay Bryan B.Sc. (hons) MA C.Q.S.W. FRSA

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