Second Life Cats

One of the most popular pastimes in Second Life is caring for, feeding and breeding virtual animals. Over the years these animals have improved and developed and a whole community of Second Life breeders and traders has emerged.

KittyCatS! ™ are highly interactive cats that can be petted and cuddled. They will follow you and play with you. There are lots of breeds and sizes, including teacup, toy, petite, normal and MegaPuss. There are also special collection cats that will breed one unique baby. It is compelling and addictive and fascinating.

What is fascinating is the way in which these cats become real. When they are born an imprinting occurs and this sets the scene for reality to step in.

They become attached. They follow you and talk in local chat. They need feeding or they get sick, they sleep a lot. You give them affection, breed them and end up with baby cats. Their lineage is recorded. They develop a personality.

Great fun you should try it!

The SLurl for the shop is :

Visit the Main store:

New Stall at:

The Book is at :



The above graphic is the new Windows 8 Task Manager showing resources being used.  The increased activity is when I started Second Life.  Of note is the workings of the CPU which runs higher than its base clock speed of 3.4 GHz. This is the turbo facility.

My old computer broke, there was a fault on the RAM sockets and / or a fault on the power supply. It was 5 years old and I deemed it unfixable. It took a month of testing to find this out. I bought a tablet (ASUS) to keep me going while I got a new passport for financial ID purposes this took nearly two months. Then I ordered a new PC which took a week to arrive. It cost about the same as the computer I bought 5 years ago. However it was a third again faster in processor speed 3.4 GHz with a turbo boost to 3.9 GHz compared to 2.44 GHz on my old system. RAM increased from 4 gigs to 32 gigs. I als have a 256 gig SSD (Solid State Drive) and a 3TB hard disk drive. I also bought a new keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is solid, metal with rubber keys, very responsive. The mouse has four buttons and a tilt wheel all of which I haven’t worked out how to use yet. lol.  For more details go to Irish Secure .com

Technology booms.  I have a Windows smart phone  and an android tablet. And all this helps me to interact with the digital world I inhabit. I just installed Cortana on my Windows phone, a digital assistant, an attempt at AI. Does it very well too. Some years back I attempted to train Windows to accept voice commands. I then went on to assist a paraplegic who was 100% physically disabled to use voice. The training was beyond him. Windows phone however is remarkably accurate without training. There are no lengthy paragraphs to read in. However when i say “beta” I get a list of “pizza” restaurants.  Cortana isn’t available in the UK yet I changed the location of the phone to US.  The phone a Nokia Lumia 925 has a great camera. One feature I like very much is the ability to take panoramic shots like the one below:

bridgehouse Click on it to see full screen.

Below is a video of my work station taken with the phone:

All in all I am very 2014 and should stay a bit ahead of the crowd for some time to come . Hehehe 🙂



3 in 1

Having a hard time

I just spent all my savings on upgrading my computer, primarily so i could be up to date with Second Life. I upgraded to a 64 bit system with 8 gigs of RAM which is probably pretty standard now. Everything works fine EXCEPT SL. The system freezes after a few minutes. So I tried

1. Using recommended graphics drivers as per wiki : no difference. Tried different drivers …no good.
2. Spent hours testing RAM with no difference. Firestorm works with 4 gigs of RAM which makes having 64 bits pointless.
3. Reinstalled Windows and just installed FS, no difference.
4. Posted a jira to FS site no one has answered. This could take months.

Yesterday I spent hours researching, reading forums and posting to them. One thread decided it was my power supply that needed upgrading. Not doing that would mean dismantling the PC. This is very frustrating.

I am able to go into SL providing I have my graphics set to low. I managed to do my shift.


I was crashing so much Siani created a body double for me. But this is not funny when it come down to it. My SL experience with low graphics is not good. All I can do is wait for the Jira response. It is very frustrating especially as everything is supposed to be better. Everything else on my computer works fine its just SL.

Not a happy bunny anyone got any ideas?


Update: The computer freezes on YouTube now. It must be the ram sockets on the motherboard.  I need a new PC.

Bite The Bullet

Yes I have to give up. I’ve tried everything to make 8 gigs of RAM work on my computer without success. People at Firestorm they have Jira where you can post your problems but I didn’t really get anywhere. I tried everything. I’m running 64 bit windows with 4 gigs of RAM and it works, for now. But I have lost confidence in it. My current system is over 5 years old, so it’s ready for replacement. So I’m going to buy a new PC.

Another Dell

Base is an XPS 8700 i7 – 4770 4th Gen 3.7 GHz, which can be overclocked to 3.9 GHz.

This is the current fastest processor around.

Memory 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz – 4 DIMMs can be expanded to 32 gigs

Video Card AMD Radeon HD R9 270 2GB GDDR5 I looked this card up and its pretty good, 2 gigs is good enough memory

(I’m keeping my monitor unless I decide to have two) I have decided to get a 27 inch monitor

Hard Drive 2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive + Intel SRT 32GB SSD Cache 2 terabytes is good for these days, the solid state Cache speeds things up. I have 3 TB on my USB drives

It has lots of room for expansion. Cost €1,239 inc taxes and shipping

have to wait for new ID so can’t buy until the end of May


My computer won’t run Second Life because there is a fault in the motherboard (RAM sockets). I am buying a new computer but don’t know when, it could be a month or it could be three. So I decided to buy a tablet. I chose from three and picked the one with the most powerful spec :

ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 ME173X …

ASUS MEMOPAD ME173X, MediaTek MT8125 CPU 1.2Ghz Quad-core, 1 Micro USB, 16GB Storage, 7″ HD Display (ME173X-1B018A)

One reason I chose the Asus was because my gf has an Asus laptop. A good name in computing.

It cost €125 and is a nice piece of tech. I bought from Elara in Ireland and got it in 4 days. Here is the first screen:


The blue upside down triangle on the left is Lumiya, the sl client for tablets. Installation as with all tablet widgets was fast and easy. Once installed you have a settings page with some usual features like changing rendering , draw distance etc. Rendering is a bit slow but not too bad.

Screenshot_2014-05-25-06-46-20You have the option of 3D view like the above. You can also chat as below:


This is fine but when you want to chat the keyboard takes up a lot of room:



I have decided to get a Bluetooth keyboard..I did and its awesome. Little bigger than the 7 inch with carry case which is a magnetised to hold the keyboard so you can type upside down. It has holes for front and rear cameras. Battery life of 30 hours.The keyboard can be used free of the case. All for £25.

Overall its quite awesome and very usable. With practice it will do the job and I hosted with it for 4 hours. Not bad at all.



Tails From The Cat Shop

Great new book out from Storm! Must Read! Click on the picture to buy.

Fantasy meets Reality in Cyberspace, in a world where our online and offline experiences, friendships and even, our identities are excitingly entangled. Avatars are extensions of us, leading lives parallel to our own dull everyday existence. There are no limits to our Virtual Lives and we are free to live in any World we choose. Having a Virtual Life sets you free to dream and some dreams do come true.

Storm and Dude are partners. In spite of the fiercely opposing time zones, they meet and fall in love on the dance floor of the Junkyard Blues Club in the Virtual World of Second Life. They begin collecting breedable cats and their Second Life gets very crowded, so together they open Not Another Kitten, a Cat Shop in Cyberspace. Then the Cat Shop meets the University and both Worlds collide with laughter.

Meet the Divine Penny, the Italian-speaking Siamese cat, with the delicate chocolate paws, and find out if Professor Poppett’s poodle recovers from ‘indoor barking syndrome’. Go on an adventure in the alligator infested bayou to hunt for the Golden Kitten and find out why love always wins the day.

tails book

Quite an achievment. Started as a blog and became a book. Well done Storm very proud of you!

Heres the URL again :

Are you naked or are you wearing mesh?


It came as a shock to me when I discovered what I was seeing on screen was not what others were seeing. I just don’t mean mesh. Not everyone is running at 1920 x 1080 most are on a laptop it seems. Then in the viewer you have settings from low through mid and high up to ultra with shadows. On top of this we have draw distance which will determine the background. In my circle these days nearly all can see mesh but this was not the case three months ago. It struck me that one of the reasons I made videos (311 on YouTube)  was because I wanted everyone to see what I was seeing in Glorious Wide Screen Technicolor® . Before we look at individual implications let us note something. Soul Mods. Given the vast area of accoutrements and textures available in second life one would be hard pressed to find lino. When I first visited Soul Mods and saw wine bottles on the dance floor I thought they were temporary. I also noticed less than half the available space was being used. It was cramped. BUT mes amies in the real world is not your favourite club a bit down at heels? a bit cramped BUT where you feel at home? If Soul Mods had a makeover that burn in the bar stool that you have picked at when you are feeling a bit down would be gone. BUT its not just familiarity it is Atmosphere. Buy that in Market Place. Capture that on video. Well maybe.

So : What is onscreen is not real, it is highly dependent on your equipment. Environment whether pleasing or not is mitigated by an intangible atmosphere. How then do I find you “pleasing” or them “agreeable”. So far I have been approached by women with the favourite pick up line “I love your profile” or “What an interesting profile” and I admit to doing it myself. However there have been numerous instances where after an hour or even several I have remarked “I must look at your profile”. The killer ap is Social Interaction. It has to be.

“yes darling, undo the hooks at the back. Now feel my soft silk panties around my suspender belt…….” so says the 50 something fat blowsy housewife, in curlers, dressed in housecoat and slippers, fag hanging out of her mouth, frying chips,  giving phone sex.

Reality is what I imagine it to be. On a physical level “Look at that Jade necklace” I am colour blind with shades of green.  If I am in a bad mood a smile is seen as a grimace, a good mood the child that drops ice cream on my trousers “a scallywag” . In second life as in real life we have two personae. One public one private. Then we have Seren my nemesis bete noir and mentor. her public face in second life does not equate with her public face in real life. So I’m fucked. Or am I? Put Madame Haven down in somewhere like a real Soul Mods with her mates and she would act EXACTLY the same.

Behaviour is dependent on the environment which is ultimately dependent on social interaction. AND how I perceive it. I think the perception thingy goes a bit further in second life. You may be a half naked blob but above your head it says “Dude”.

Call me, lets have phone sex (cough cough)

Seren Says

From : Seren Haven My Comments in Italics

notmyselfIf there’s one thing we can be sure of, people are very different from their real world selves when they are in sl. Many that i’ve spoken to will say that they are less reserved, more outgoing, and less inhibited in sl than in their real lives; for many, sl is an opportunity to explore ideas, pathways and leanings that are either impossible or untenable in rl. Indeed there are a large number of people who will say that the representation of the person you’ll meet in the virtual world is far more ‘themself’ than the person you will meet in the flesh – possibly the most absurd contradiction of all, but then again, perhaps also the most revealing of insights.

Co0mment: Why is there such a lack of inhibition?  This I find hard to understand. If I make a fool of myself in sl I blush in rl. When I make a joke I laugh in rl. From a study of Evolutionary Psychology “People are complex,” said Kruger. “Just because somebody seems to be a big risk taker in one area doesn’t mean they will take risks in all areas.”. I can (and have) base jumped off the Eiffel tower in sl and admit to having a wrench in my stomach,  even tho I could not die. We can take risks with our avatars without fear of approbation? I think not. People have been driven from sl because they have been emotionally hurt. s why the lack of inhibitions when the avatar can be censored?

That is not something with which i have a problem, but i can’t help wondering sometimes just how much my perception of the person, gathered from my interaction with them inworld, may be very different from the reality – and, if people really are very different when they’re logged in to the person who goes about their daily life outside sl, then how much is my perception of them coloured by their virtual behaviour?

Comment: This happens to me with women I have met. They have acted and looked in sl like 20 somethings. They have acted in speech like 30 somethings. I have reacted to them as such as I have been a 30 something. We have exchanged rl photographs. My perception of them has changed. The avatar “looks” become a mere cypher. However the behaviour mine and theirs  remains the same. In rl I act like a 30 something with physical limitations.

If we’re talking practicalities, then the answer to those questions is quite possibly, ‘it doesn’t matter’ – if i’m only ever going to spend time with you inworld, does it really make any odds whether the avatar bears any resemblance, in any way, to the person behind it? Probably not – ignorance, as they say, is bliss and in many ways it’s a lot easier to get to know and socialise with someone on a virtual level, that it can be to reconcile two very different, yet the very same, personalities that form the two sides of the sl/rl coin. That’s not to say it can’t be done – many inhabitants of sl have no problem with this sort of dilemma: within my own circle of sl friends and acquaintances there a quite a few who socialise with each other in both worlds, indeed, i can think of at least three couples i know who met in sl and have successfully, and very happily, developed that relationship into one that spans both worlds.

Comment:  Are there different personalities inhabiting the same rl/ sl complex? Seren would say yes. Quiet, unassuming, shy rl  + outgoing, chirpy, vociferous in sl . We have :
“Dissociative identity disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder (MPD),[1] is a mental disorder characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that alternately control a person’s behavior, and is accompanied by memory impairment for important information not explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

Is this what we are seeing? Two enduring personalities but without memory impairment and do the two identities cross over  at all?  I am reminded of Superman, mild mannered Clark Kent until he becomes the avatar Superman. His were integrated and Clark would lift his glasses to see through walls.

Long-time adherents of this blog and close friends will know that i am not one of those people. When it comes to the division between real and second lives, i tend to see either/or and that dividing line is, for me at least, a difficult one to cross. You might imagine that there’s a simple explanation for this – but it’s actually quite a complex set of factors that result in the stratification of worlds in my mind, and much of it boils down to the point i made at the head of this post: the person behind the avatar, through design or ‘accident’ is highly likely to differ from their inworld persona in, often very fundamental, ways. Anyone who has ever corresponded with me outside of sl will attest to the fact that this is entirely true when it comes to myself.

Inworld, i am gregarious, fun, sociable and utterly bonkers – sometimes i have to consciously make an effort to shut myself up and let somebody else get a word in edgeways, and yes – i am one of those who would say that this is more representative of the ‘real me’ than you would ever see in the real world. Take me even a small step distant from sl and my personal changes dramatically – there are few people indeed, even close friends from sl with whom i’ve made connections outside the virtual environment, who will ever have received a chatty, amusing or sociable e-mail, or for that matter any correspondence that is more than a couple of lines of bare facts and information. Gone is the gregarious, risk-taking, typo-monster – instead you’ll find a person for whom normal conversation and social interaction is insanely difficult. (So if you ever do get an e-mail from me along the lines of “Hi, here’s that thing i promised to send you. Bye!”, it’s not that i’m being rude, i simply clammed up beyond any hope of recovery after the “Hi”!)

Sad, isn’t it?

Yes it is sad. I would love to take you down the pub and a circle would develop around you. You would be the life and soul of the party as you are in sl. i am reminded of the movie :Nim’s Island where a writer of a popular adventure story is an agoraphobic recluse. Living her life vicariously through her books. When faced with a reality dilemma she rises to the occasion magnificently. She becomes her avatar. What are you frightened of Seren? What have you got to lose?

Sometimes i do have a crazy moment and think it would be amazing to meet up with someone from sl in the real world, maybe go for a drink or play tennis, or whatever it is that normal people do… but then sanity asserts itself and i safely rationalise myself out of trouble.

The way i see it, sl is sl – rl is rl and, until i can be convinced otherwise, never the twain shall meet. You see, i really enjoy the illusion that sl weaves – the happy, crazy, clever, chatty people that i surround myself with and count myself to be fortunate to know – but the point is that it is only their sl persona that i really know, and it that illusion was to be tarnished or shattered, things could never be the same again. What if that incredibly talented, funny guy that i know so well in sl turned out to be an insufferable bore, with bad breath and an irritating manner in rl? What if that daft girl, with the ridiculously tall avatar and the terribly inappropriate topics of conversation inworld turned out to be ridiculously short, terribly staid and awfully sensible when away from her laptop? Just as bad… what if i turned out to be a massive disappointment to you?

Comment. Why the dichotomy? When I see you in sl I see the blogger Seren I do not see an avatar. I find you intimidating both blog and avatar wise. Its why I haven’t spoken to you these past two weeks. And dear lady I reached this space through your sl profile. physical characteristics play little part to the discerning mind. as do physical avatar characteristics. Avatar character however DOES play a part. All of us do not belong in a psychoanalytical box. Humans / avatars are part of the same being labelled ME. I am including this in my briefing on cyberculture.

How could we retain the rosy-hued picture we’d built up of each other, if we knew the reality would make us feel nauseous if we had to spend more than ten minutes in each other’s company? Bitter experience has taught us that, in so many things, the reality is never as palatable as the imagined reality… so, to avoid disappointment, maybe i’ll just stick to my imaginary friends. Will you be my imaginary friend too?

s. x

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. 
See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly. 
I’m crying.

I’ll be your friend. Fancy a pint?

Philip / Dude

A Gallery of Avatars

please view in full screen


Shopping how it will be


And Entropia Universe imagine on a 21 inch widescreen


And a story about new thinking


McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala

I heard about McLeod Ganj in Juba, Southern Sudan. A young guy called Eddie and someone else were talking about where HH Dalai Lama lived. Eddie was a young guy late teens who had been on his way to India overland but couldn’t get through the Middle East coz of The Troubles. [It seems lika good generic word] . I Love You Cooky. Sorry my new gf. Anyway, we were stuck in Juba, there was no way through Uganda to Kenya, with three choices :

  • Go Back
  • Go Round via Chad, The CAR and The Congo
  • Go up The Blue Nile to Ethiopia and down to Kenya

Here is the map, it had taken us about ten weeks to get there :

Hmmm . Peter the South African guy I was travelling with said he was broke. So he filled up his ruck sack with marijuana and caught a truck back to Khartoum. He said he would sell it in London and meet me in Nairobi. We latter heard through the Nairobi grapevine that the truck had overturned in The Sudd and that he had broken his leg. We had come through The Sudd by river, he had gone by “road”.

Flat Fact : The Sudd stretches from Mongalla to just outside the Sobat confluence with the White Nile just upstream of Malakal as well as westwards along the Bahr el Ghazal. The shallow and flat inland delta lays between 5.5 and 9.5 degrees latitude North and covers an area of 500 km south to north and 200 km east to west between Mongalla in the south and Malakal in the north. {It took about six days, nothing but papyrus, nothing but. You see the odd group of elephants in the distance and papyrus and… yes papyrus..}

Its size is highly variable, averaging over 30,000 square kilometers. During the wet season it may extend to over 130,000 km², depending on the inflowing waters, with the discharge from Lake Victoria being the main control factor of flood levels and area inundation. A main hydrological factor is that Sudd area, consisting of various meandering channels, lagoons, reed- and papyrus fields, loses half of the inflowing water through evapotranspiration in the permanent and seasonal floodplains

The rest of Eddies party wanted to go round. Eddie wasn’t keen as he wanted to get back to England to do his “A” Levels. It would take too long. I had no money so I just hung out and waited for God. We got the dope from a local village and got stoned. I have to tell you this: We were sitting outside having a beer and suddenly the electricity went. Everywhere, The nearest electricity was probably hundreds of miles away. I made this comment at the time :

Someone turned off the lights and turned The Universe on

The stars omg the stars. You guys maybe don’t know what Light Pollution is. I do. I had never seen such Glory. Unpolluted Glory. There was no moon, “only” stars. I didn’t bother to try and count them, apparently between 2 to 3000. I also discovered that you can see by starlight.

Anyway I digress. My 25th birthday was in a week. Peter headed off the others made plans to go round. Then we were chatting to a local official and he said a Government Party were heading out to check out the roads. Eddie asked if he could hitch a lift. The guy said yes. Eddie said he was a bit trepidituious about going alone and would I go with him? Following the dictum “If any man [sic] asks you to go with him a mile, go two” So i said sure. [It ended up over 5000 but I considered “2” to be allegorical]. Anyway after many adventures, we were in Delhi some 4 months later catching a train to Pathancot then a bus to Dharamsala, then another bus to McLeod Ganj. It took a few days. Btw we never flew anywhere. McLeod Ganj was awesome. Absolutely. Here’s what wiki says :

Flat Fact : McLeod Ganj, McLeodGanj, or Mcleodganj, is a suburb of Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It has an average elevation of 2,082 metres (6,831 feet).

Situated on the Dhauladhar Range, whose highest peak, “Hanuman Ka Tibba”, at about 5,639 metres (18,500 feet), lies just behind it, (this mountain looked as though it ought to have a circle of stars around it like Paramount Pictures is it? ) it is known as “Little Lhasa” or “Dhasa” (short form of Dharamshala, used mainly by Tibetans) due to its large population of Tibetan refugees.[1] The Tibetan government-in-exile is headquartered in McLeod Ganj.

Oh dear this is far too long I hope you can speed read. Hi Cooky, kiss kiss. Oh she is so pretty. Wanna see a pic? Ok I’ll put it at the end. So. Mcleod Ganj. First impressions : It wan’t Indian ( I can say that now having been in Leh “Little” Tibet some 5 years later, omg another story). In the centre of town there were prayer wheels you spin that sent out Om Mani Padme Hum to the Universe a few thousand times as it was written on paper scrolled round. At the end was the big prayer wheel It was about 20 feet high I think and about 10 feet across. God knows how many Om Mani Padme Hums it sends out with one spin. I dont like to ask Him [sic] as Hes [sic] got other stuff going on. Everybody in the village would spin them walking up the street. Oh the old ladies were wonderful. I used to listen to them chat and this is how they spoke. It was like this:

“Om mani padme hum , how are you dear?Om mani padme hum Hows that son of yours? Om mani padme hum Om mani padme hum . Fine thanks Om mani padme hum is your husband Om mani padme hum stilll got that Om mani padme hum kidney infection? Om mani padme hum. Ye Om mani padme hum poor thing but Om mani padme hum Amala Lobsang Om mani padme hum gave him some pillls Om mani padme hum Shes so Om mani padme hum helpfull Om mani padme hum….

Yep thats how a coversation would go. At the end of the street was HH’s palace. It was pretty cool. It was carved on rocks everywhere. You would be climbing in the hills and cimb a rock and there above you  was Om Mani Padme Hum, perfectly carved in the rock face.

I carry Hum around with me:

Oh this is relevant. I found the best way to tolerate 3rd Class Indian Trains was to continually chew a bit of Opium. It also stops you from shitting which is an added bonus. I had bought a sizeable ball in Bombay a few weeks back and had been living on the stuff. Then I ran out. Oh I had withdrawls, oh dear like the worst flu ever and then the nightmares. Anyway I had been smoking dope to ease the withdrawls. Just down the road there was a Tibetan school. I had a vision of the school catching fire and kids being trapped and me too out of it to help. I sorta gave up drugs after that. Anyway Eddie was heading back to Blighty on a ticket his parents had sent him. I waited for a sign from whats His name . I waited a couple of years and then followed the path of least resistance, got ordained in Bodh Gaya became Jnana Bodhi and headed off to the jungle just outside Bangkok for about 9 months.

I was broke in Mcleod Ganj. I was in a hotel up the hill and the owner wanted rent. I suggested he let me meet the busses and direct tourists to his hotel. I had done this in Tangier a few years before until I was told to “Fuck off you filthy Arab ” by an American tourist and realised I had gone “native” which is what I tend to do in Foreign Parts, so I … anyway Jesus Mr Digress or what!!! He moved me up the hill a bit higher and let me stay free. I sorta lived on hand outs. Then some people took me up a bit higher because they were going to attend a ten day meditation course at Elysium Fields. Free food and meditation.. cool. I wasn’t very good coz I used to scrounge fags from the ppl. Anyway, long story short I becames Lia’s servant. Very cool German Lady. We practised Vipassana a “lesser vehicle” meditation when we were surrounded by Mahayanists. (Greater Vehicle) I didn’t know it at the time but I was a Paraconsistent Logician as contradictions are quite happily embraced by Bhuddist Dialectic. The west is catching up:

The contemporary logical orthodoxy has it that, from contradictory premises, anything can be inferred. To be more precise, let ⊨ be a relation of logical consequence, defined either semantically or proof-theoretically. Call ⊨ explosive if it validates {A , ¬A} ⊨ B for every A and B (ex contradictione quodlibet (ECQ)). The contemporary orthodoxy, i.e., classical logic, is explosive, but also some ‘non-classical’ logics such as intuitionist logic and most other standard logics are explosive. The major motivation behind paraconsistent logic is to challenge this orthodoxy. A logical consequence relation, ⊨, is said to be paraconsistent if it is not explosive. Thus, if ⊨ is paraconsistent, then even if we are in certain circumstances where the available information is inconsistent, the inference relation Continue Reading

Anyway its on my blog. Oh dear have I lost you? Oops. So Lia was heading off back to Germany, The westerners were heading off to Goa so would I be the caretaker until spring? Of course. I had a gorgeous stone cabin just above the main bungalow. A beautiful garden and the end of the lawn the was a wall. The other side about a thousand feet lower was HH’s pad. I used to wave but it was a bit too far below. Next door was Geshe Rabten o a supa cool Tibetan Dude, HHs junior tutor. Look him up. His servant was telepathetic. I was sitting in my cabin, (btw no electricity or water used to take me a couple of hours a day to collect dead wood in the forest behind me) . I had lent G Rs servant my shovel about a week before. I just thought “I must get my shovel back” I swear to God 2 minutes later there was a knock at the door and there was G Rs servant who said “You wanted your shovel”. Another time Ithere was a knock at the door. I answered and there was a Tibetan Monk, he bowed and said Tashi Dalek ( Hello) and motioned for him to come in. I let him in. He then cleared a spot at the end of the room and set up a portable alter. He then said Puja (mass). I just sat there, being. After a while, I guess an hour could have been two., he packed up bowed said Tashi Dalek and left. One day there was a load of food in pots and pans on my porch. I came back after a bit and stopped. There were a couple of dogs about five crows, my cat and a couple of monkeys eating. These guys are mortal enemies. They sorta put that aside.

I could go on ah one more. In the autumn the Langurs used to come down the mountain to winter further south. They are huge silver grey dudes. Awesome. They used to nick the flowers. They were cool the ordinary ones wrecked my place one day, I had left the window open. Anyway in Spring they used to head back up to the high valleys (where we were the tre line goes up to 10, 000 feet) Anway, they used to sit around the garden eating any flowers around. It was when the Rhododendron trees used to boom. The mountainside used to turn red. I used to make jam from the flowers. I was out walking one day and I saw A big rhododendron in it was a silver grey 5ft foot langur surrounded by red flowers. He looked so gorgeous. I waved but he ignored me. All the creatures used to ignore me. I guess I had gone a bit “native ” again. Sometimes in the winter I wouldn’t see another person for a week. It was quite exciting when I did. I would wave and they would wave back and we would smile……Wow, sorry guys ive rambled on abit. One memory sorta triggers another and another … apologies. It would probably take a couple of years as every moment seemed special.

Anyway heres a pic of my Cooky I promised. OMG she is awesome. Shes a bit younger than me but not that much, well shes older than her pic, um can I say? Ok shes in her forties but omg she looks so much younger but acts her age but we are a bit teenagerish. which is really cool. I sent her a rl picture of me she thought I was “very good looking” hazukashii desu.. Anyway heres a pic:

I see you.

After we had made love, we parted. This tune came on the radio as I lit a cigarette. It was wonderful, I wasn’t alone anymore:

I gave her a domain,… um….you can play the above and click here…while listening.. if you want.. its all part of me memoirs.. well if you go there you will see The Rest of The Story

And here is my sponsor Avalokitesvara

Avalokiteśvara (Sanskrit: अवलोकितेश्वर lit. “Lord who looks down”) is a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. He is one of the more widely revered bodhisattvas in mainstream Mahayana Buddhism.

The original name for this bodhisattva was Avalokitasvara. The Chinese name for Avalokitasvara is Guānshìyīn Púsà (觀世音菩薩), which is a translation of the earlier name “Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva.” This bodhisattva is variably depicted as male or female, and may also be referred to simply as Guānyīn in certain contexts.

In Sanskrit, Avalokitesvara is also referred to as Padmapāni (“Holder of the Lotus”) or Lokeśvara (“Lord of the World”). In Tibetan, Avalokiteśvara is known as Chenrezig, སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས་ (Wylie: spyan ras gzigs), and is said to be incarnated in the Dalai Lama,[1] the Karmapa[2][3] and other high lamas.