Hey Chris, I’m on board, Just turned sixty this year. Made A Start……. Letter to Alexia Golez First computer 1981, First Computer training company 1995, Internet Company 1996, first cybercafé in Tullamore, first wireless internet service provider outside of cities We went bust in 2006 because of lack of investment 2009 I am sixty and […]

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Twollars ~ The New Currency

http://twollars.com Phew! Keeping Up? Twollars are the new currency of appreciation. And they are going to catch on big-time. Everyone starts off with 50 Twollars, they can then give them as a sign of appreciation Personal : @Enoxh 2 Twollars because you have really helped me Business @valuedcustomer 5 Twollars for being loyal Charities @bullyingUK […]

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