Crashed three times in the middle of recording a video, sigh. Updated my eCollege dot me site . Crashed another couple of times. Sigh. Then I looked at the clock and it was two minutes to six, I had forgotten to pick up my meds ( don’t worry I have a stash). Sigh. A nice […]

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My friend Seren (her blog is here) She has 35k readers,  She blogs about Second Life. I have a few thousand across all my blogs.  She celebrated her three years of blogging and I realised that I had been blogging for four years. There are some 71 million WordPress blogs . You can look at […]

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Below is a PowerPoint presentation, a promo for Personal Domains. It seems WordPress doesn’t embed the presentation but opens PowerPoint. 21st Century Networks I was going to do a narration but decided to put the whole thing to one of my music favourite tracks then it turned into a music video and promo for Ravens […]

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Essential Free Graphics

One of my sites I am developing is called eCollege dot me. I have taken the post from there and duplicated it here as it has a few good points worth mentioning.  I am a wannabe artist. When I was at school many years ago I had a wonderful imagination but couldn’t draw a straight […]

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Money Myths And The Internet

_____________________________ 1. To register a domain costs a lot of money . No It costs 10 euros a year for a dot com ——————————– 2. When you have a domain it costs a lot of money to host it. No it costs 7 euro a month ——————————– 3. Web design is expensive. No thousands of […]

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The Day The Word Fuck Disappeared

by Michael Scully The day the word fuck disappeared Every print of Scarface melted. The day the word fuck disappeared The Oxford English Dictionary Became obsolete. The day the word fuck disappeared D.I.Y. enthusiasts Wore black bandages. The day the word fuck disappeared The word shit Went into hiding. The day the word fuck disappeared […]

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