Crashed three times in the middle of recording a video, sigh. Updated my eCollege dot me site . Crashed another couple of times. Sigh. Then I looked at the clock and it was two minutes to six, I had forgotten to pick up my meds ( don’t worry I have a stash). Sigh. A nice […]

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Second Life Hosting and refers Graphic Designers and professional web designers are princesses and princes and are paid accordingly. Always wanted to be one but between you and me and this blog (just between us ok?) I’m not good enough. Sure I know html (hypertext markup language) even a bit of html 5 . […]

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In 2010 a new protocol / code will be used for the creation of web pages. It is called html5. It is an upgrade to xhtml. html stands for hyper text markup language and it is fairly easy to learn and fairly easy to construct. If you want to see it go to View > […]

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