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Time Code ~ 10 Years On

Mike Figgis shot the movie Time Code over a period of two weeks but not as re-takes, but rather making the whole same movie again and again. The final credits say:

Time Code was filmed in four continuous takes beginning at 3.00pm November 19th 1999. All of the cast improvised around a predetermined structure

Budget: $4M (estimated)
Opening Wknd: $93.1K (USA)
Gross: $945K (USA)
Genre: Drama
Awards: 2 nominations
User Ratings: 6.1 (4,074 votes)

(From IMDB)

And one reviewer said:

“What is the purpose of the experiment? Above all, to show it can be done. With “Leaving Las Vegas,” the camera strategy came second to the story and was simply the best way to get it on the screen. In “Time Code,” the story is upstaged by the method, sometimes more, sometimes less, and a viewer not interested in the method is likely to be underwhelmed.

[The clip I took was done with an iPhone ~ one take lol]

What Figgis demonstrates is that a theatrical film can be made with inexpensive, lightweight digital cameras and that the picture quality is easily strong enough to transfer to 35mm. He also experiments with the notion of filming in real time, which has long fascinated directors. Alfred Hitchcock orchestrated “Rope” (1948) so that it appeared to be all one shot, and Jean-Luc Godard famously said that the truth came at 24 frames per second, and every cut was a lie.”

I found the movie an intellectual joy, my eye sweeping around the four cameras while letting the rising and falling of the sound direct my focus to one of them. With a little practise I was able to concentrate on all four screens at the same time, ‘out of the corner(s) of my eye’ . A non-focus, wide-eyed zen meditation technique.

Cinematic technique aside, the overall story itself is about the making of a movie at Red Mullet Studios, (Figgis’ own) in downtown L.A. It has five main characters:

1. The sensitive, “real” wife of the studio owner, torn in love, in therapy
2. The rich bitch lesbian in her stretch limo with her wire-tap
3. Her girlfriend wannabe actress
4. The Studio Owner, genius, drunk and screwing the wannabe actress
5. The Movie itself has its own life, its own character, its own screen-in-a-screen

The rest of the cast are awesome. Of note: Drug pushing security guy; beautiful auditioning actress; “Q” the mobile massage guy; pretentious Leiberwitz-quoting Russian-loving female existential singer avante garde wannabe movie director; the director casting a movie and the staff of Red Mullet.

The Story: A Love Story

Cinema semiologists speak of the “disjoined signifier,” and by that they refer to the separation of the viewer from the signified–in this case, from the story.

Have to look that up to comment !?

Love the soundtrack: Jazz, the movie is cinematic Jazz, punctuated with The Polish Symphony Orchestra and featuring Everything But The Girl

I will watch it again in about a week, come back and edit this, meanwhile here is “The Comfort of Strangers ” written by Figgis himself.

Apple iPhone 3G (s)

So I have to learn how to type with two thumbs

iPhone review

On Friday I bought a new phone, first in 5 years. I had heard about the iPhone but thought “not for me” then a new one arrived 3G (s). I read about it and it looked good. I needed a new phone so I put my name down. Two weeks ago. Got a call on Wednesday saying it would be in on Friday. 26th June

Got it about 5.30pm. Back to the shop ’cause I didn’t know how to put the sim in…back again cause I couldn’t register it. I am really stupid, no really, it was so easy…..needs to be plugged into PC. The interface is superb, synchronisation uploading & downloading are very fast.

So I am up and running. Added my contacts and texted everyone with my new number cool interface, very smart and intuitive – a smart phone. So I started to explore. Safari compass, gave me my exact position and then gave me step by step details on how to walk to St Stephen’s Green from 11 Church St Tullamore, 94.1 km, 19 hours and 2 minutes….

Went to my websites, explored them, book marked them and linked them to my iPhone home page, did this with more sites. Sent some emails. Ok Internet works. Registered with iTunes store.

Took some pics, texted them, emailed them, then did the same with video – so easy. Set up call divert from my old phone, set up voice mail on my new phone, made a voice file or two.

Next day installed get it for your PC as well; installed sky news and Google -Google Earth too. I needed a document handler so bought this app for €4.95. (email as attachment). I then spent a couple of hour’s just playing – best toy going! (I think it is important to enjoy yourself while being serious)

Enjoyed picture taking without a flash and made a few videos again excellent quality. I set up an Apple id. I logged into YouTube. Joined Wimbledon and imeem. Made a serious video about the phone, took me four tries to get it reasonably ok -will put it up on youtube tomorrow. Went down the pub and started typing this ~ wide screen, two thumbs.

Problems: Battery life seems very poor, ran out of memory, haven’t found support for Adobe (must have it). Then disaster: battery warning, I left it for a bit then plugged it in. Left it for 2 hours, tried it: nothing. Went online no help could be found. 3 hours: nothing. Went to bed. Woke up & tried it and nothing. Very disappointed. Took it back to the shop, ok come back in an hour. Ok. Went back “sorry too busy, come back tomorrow? or here is the apple support number….”

Went home, a bit sad as I thought I had found a great piece of serious hardware.

Phoned Apple support: “Ok, hold both buttons down at the same time” And it all came back to life! Battery? “Just flick the switch on the side to turn off 3G and the battery will last 3 times as long, have a nice day”

Cool. Time to post my video to YouTube. Tried 3 times but couldn’t get it to work -don’t know why…..yet. Given my experience it is probably me ;). The video is a .mov file so it is huge. I will convert it and reduce the size by about 70% (flash or windows)

So, new kid on the block, good looking, rich, street smart, sexy, really intelligent, fits in with the cool guys but your parents will love him.

Hey! Just got a new best friend.

The Video is here

The Widget King

My alter ego and Internet Freak, par excellance, now styles himself as “The Widget King” and maybe he is!?

We start off with the Twitter Widget that everyone knows and loves so I won’t bore you with it. But things start to get interesting with . Here we have three widgets ~ BBC World Headlines, CNN and a Reuters amusing “funny but true” widget. All nicely laid out. Very good. (Note the minimalist design to suit the topic)

Can’t go anywhere without Music? Well this is the widget for you. Radio Widget is a search engine for Artists / Composers ~ from Akon to Beethoven. You can also search for a musical instrument (try harpsichord and see what you get.) It will then proceed to play the associated music, in high quality sound often re-sampled for the best sound around. After the first play of the artist you may get a re-mix. Very modern, very now, so 2009.

Appearance is important and you may have eschewed Wallpapers on your PC as tacky. Not so now with the Wallpaper Widget! Titled “Explorations of Beauty and Decay” will provide you with a desktop wallpaper that will enrich your computing experience. My favourite and the one I use is called “Demolition – Background” a sweeping staircase in a derelict house, black and white. You also get ordinary stuff like “Waterfalls” if you are more traditional. There is an Architecture section too. Definitely go to and be cool.

You may already know or have seen the Animation Widget at It is a showcase of Animations ( I absolutely love the featured animation “Iz: The Spirit of Aloha – animated short by Eric Provan ” ~ brings a a tear to my eye) These are not Disney ~ there are other animators too you know.

Some people have given Wikipedia a bad name. Personally I think it is a great resource. Google thinks so, techcrunch (mashlogic plugin) thinks so. Check out the stats : ” At a rate of 600 words a minute, twenty-four hours a day, a person could read nearly 27,000,000 words in a month. In the month of July 2006, Wikipedia grew by over 30,000,000 words.” So on his wiki page you have a Wikipedia Search Engine. Type in your query, click search and you will be taken to the associated article via Google! Egghead!

Had enough? Are you sick of widgets? Well Tech News Help is not for Geeks, it is a valuable help site for all. You may be surprised at what you will find to optimise your PC.

A word about widgets ~ all displayed news, headlines, articles, resources etc are clickable and will open the associated page in a new tab. So you can select, click, read, share etc etc.

Well what do you think? Add a comment, help keep him under control. For me? (but I am biased)……….

All Hail The Widget King!

Music ~ Response

Became a DJ this week on and have a feed on my web site for special stuff I play. What a fantastic resource it is. I now have music everywhere I surf. OMG it is music eclectic gone mad. I haven’t failed to find a song yet. I have my own playlist and I play requests for people or I just play songs for people for the craic. I was a DJ in my twenties in Torremolinos and I rocked Harry’s Bar. Now its the world aka The Internet, which has become my real home. I live online now. Totally . encapsulates The Internet. Not only does it deliver, it interacts. This is new generation for me – the two-way process. Passivity is really gone the way of all flesh. I fell in love with The Internet when it first came out. It was my socialist dream come true. Everything was free! Guess what? It still is. The Internet sings to me now and I sing a long, occasionally I solo. In perfect 3 part harmony.

Who am I? Nobody special and that is the point, and the message. When I first joined I was impressed but, me be a DJ? nah. So I left, for a whole month. Then a friend in Las Vegas played me a song @Enoxh, telling me succinctly to get off my arse and join the party. 3 days of practice and I am a party animal. OK. Over the top?  Think of your most favourite song in the WholeWideWorld. Tell me and I will play it for you. I am serious. Go to and ask.

Sometimes I only remember a fragment, a line, a phrase. Can’t remember the band or the title, only a fragment. So I type the fragment into’s search engine. Hey presto found it. I preview it until I have found the original recording or an enhanced version (Stereo / Resampled) or a cover version, or a re-mix. More often than not I stick with the original. I just choose the best qualty. After I have listened to it, I blip it! Sharing with the world with a relevant message.  It automatically updates my music on my website where I keep 20 of my songs. If I am listening to the public channel and hear one of my favourite songs I re-blip it. Currently =I will try to fix you Coldplay.

oh BTW and FYI I have fun. Logged in as “eazi listnin Dave ~ stuck in a lift?  here we go…” and played Prodigy Breathe. Logged in as “traditional , conservative, old-fashioned values kind a guy” and played I’m on a boat (ft TPain) the hottest song on YouTube 2009 20 million hits. Logged in as me,  topic:  the rain, as I live in Ireland, played Riders On The Storm The Doors.  Responded to some heavy rap by muzak_in_the_hood_experiment with Sinead O’Connor She Moved Through The Fair.

How is all this possible? Go to Click on” play”