Time Code ~ 10 Years On

Mike Figgis shot the movie Time Code over a period of two weeks but not as re-takes, but rather making the whole same movie again and again. The final credits say: Time Code was filmed in four continuous takes beginning at 3.00pm November 19th 1999. All of the cast improvised around a predetermined structure Budget: […]

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Apple iPhone 3G (s)

So I have to learn how to type with two thumbs iPhone review On Friday I bought a new phone, first in 5 years. I had heard about the iPhone but thought “not for me” then a new one arrived 3G (s). I read about it and it looked good. I needed a new phone […]

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The Widget King

My alter ego and Internet Freak, par excellance, now styles himself as “The Widget King” and maybe he is!? We start off with the Twitter Widget that everyone knows and loves so I won’t bore you with it. But things start to get interesting with http://pjfbncyl.com/news.html . Here we have three widgets ~ BBC World […]

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Music ~ Response

Became a DJ this week on blip.fm and have a feed on my web site for special stuff I play. What a fantastic resource it is. I now have music everywhere I surf. OMG it is music eclectic gone mad. I haven’t failed to find a song yet. I have my own playlist and I […]

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