Older Citizens

Been a while since I updated this blog. I have a new project: Bringing blogging to older citizens.

There are approximately over 150 million blogs on the Internet with 1.3 million blog posts per day. Btw if you don’t have a computer you can use the library.  Clearly people have got something to say. I started this blog for older citizens because there is a treasure trove of experience that should be tapped……

The blog with full tutorials is at http://OlderCitizens.wordpress.com If you are an older citizen and have a blog let me know I am putting up a directory on http://OlderCitizens.com Have a look and let me know what you think. Its all non profit and blogs are free let me show you how,  Older Citizen or not. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time.

Older Citizens should have a voice they have so much to offer. AND so do you!


Thanks, spread the word….at least leave a comment thanks.



[blip.tv ?posts_id=2743105&dest=50755]

Had it 3 days and love it.s Visually stunning. As an operating system it is very fast. I am running the 32 bit version. The 64 bit must be wow! Tested out all the main stuff. Microsoft Web platform…WTF The mouse pointer is still Windows 3.1


Resources….and they are free

All links open in a new window ~ taken from http://pjfbncyl.com/resources.html

If you are a bit new then please go to Help & FAQ first. So much, so little time. The idea behind this page is to expedite your Internet experience and basically make it more fun, more informative. All recommendations here are free downloads. All can be uninstalled. Most can be configured to your desires.

All are compatible with Windows Vista. Again, all are FREE. I have tested them on an ordinary, small lap top and my main rule of thumb is : Don’t Slow Down The Operating System. Don’t Slow Down My Surfing. I use Firefox I use Chrome. I use Internet Explorer If you have a website view my page code, highlight the code you want, copy, paste into your web site HTML. Just change the file reference to your file reference. Copy the whole page if you like, save as:/appropriatedirectory/pjfbncyl.html. All links here are absolute. Publish as yourname.html at your own risk ~ just remember to keep it free if you can.Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉

The Management
[We are +2009 Compatible]

  • Google Wave : This is really really exciting : have signed up for it : Google Wave

  • Surfing with information : This plug in forFirefox will give you a Wikipedia link and breaking news on an item that is underlined. You get a pop up, in the form of a comment box and then you can read it or follow the links. At first I didn’t like it ~ but now I love it.http://mashlogic.com/ @philipjbryan
  • After hours of surfing I end up with a million tabs. After following Twitter links I end up with a gazillion tabs. I used to scan the pages, close them down and then maybe regret it. Now I have foxTabs. I demand visually exciting things, If you want to see a very short demo then click here (You will also see a Firefox configuration using tool bars , just enabled the tool bars for demo > I only use two)…take a break, review with foxTabs, at the end of the day, review with foxTabs. Get it here.
  • I love Video. Youtube is great….. but I downloaded Adobe Media Player. You have News, Favourites, Comments, Recommendation, Downloads, Your Own Account. Works off line with your downloads. The quality is awesome. +++You must visit ExposureRoom too. You will see the latest short films in widescreen, full screen, HD. My favourite is Philip Bloom who has been making
    Videos for Europe for 20 years. I could go on
    and on but see for yourself : You get your own account here I found a great site for downloading Videos, full length, perfect quality, but there must be copyright issues so I can’t tell you 😦
  • Music be the food of love….I have discussed this in my music page. The reason I mention it here
    is because I see music as a natural resource. I don’t buy music anymore. So many super stars are super rich, yeah millionaires. Why don’t they retire? Do they do it for the money? No, they do it because they fucking love it. Rock On Dudes. I download you.
  • I used to bookmark everything. I have never really revisited a site again, especially when I was into marketing. Boy I have book marked rubbish. Now I discriminate and I am Delicious Get the tool bar, log in
    automatically when you start your browser. Make your Book Marks public but don’t book mark crap, If you do something good or cool then book mark yourself, don’t be shy ~ share. For everything
    else use Google  .
  • Lastly share with the world,StumbleuponDigg,Facebook,Twitter, a target=”_blank” href=”http://newsvine.com”>Seed NewsVine,Blog about it but I guess all you need is thehareaholic plug in for Firefox / Chrome / IE~ anyway Its two-way now. Passivity is dead. If you need a domain ask me andI will set it up for you… (.com only). Currently there are a trillion urls out there, you have email,  et a domain as well. I can run it for you, I can design your web site……no no no no NO! Do It Yourself. (Sorry that sounds a bit harsh, plus if you are a business I WILL do everything ~ but it will cost you)

If you would like me to check something out, research and test it,then let me know. The only condition is that its got to be free. If its good I will publish it, all you get is anhonourable mention.  I don’t advertise here. En

Animations + Wink ~ Screen Capture Mouse

“Doncha just love  Animations?

Posted on June 2nd by Philip

Fun Time!

We all love animation. Delighted us from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood. .We laugh, we cry, we boo and hiss but we definitely smile. Charles M. Schultz gave us Bugs Bunny (I just love “Kill the Wabbit” after Wagner, a triumph. I looked for it on Youtube but no luck). My friend Russell was doing a PhD on Shultz, he made me a 3 hour video of his work that entertained me for hours. What a team Pixar have got too! In Ireland at 6pm you can watch the News or The Simpsons Doh! Anyway we all have our favourites.

CurrentlyI love the work of Michael Sormann (his web site is here) who has mastered 3D animation, well actually its a short movie. I have a copy of my favourite on my other site but it has a bug – you only get half of it , you can have lunch while it is downloading. Its a .mov file so it is absolutely huge but you do get the quality. You should visit his site.

Well, since you asked, yes I am an animator too. My first work: not-a-virgin-now-2.htm is the result of me discovering Wink, an amazing screen capture program which I will put to professional use. I quickly followed it with undo.htm A tribute to my first sports car , a Damson Triumph Spitfire convertible, sigh. I heartily recommend Wink and like prezi it is so much fun to use you don’t give a damn if only your best friend and your daughter see it. It is free, can’t be sold on and the authors seem to think it has bugs. Haven’t found any myself in the capture, render to flash .swf, , publish as .htm and PDF and PostScript after compressing the whole damn thing!!!!! Whetted your appetite, haven’t I ? Well I am not going to tell you where to get it. You’ve got Google, find it yourself! LOL. Mine were done with a ten year old graphics program I love, I’m gonna do some more ~ only for the practice of course, He He. I am pretty sure I can convert it to a flash .fla or .flv file (get a bit confused sometimes, I only really understand .swf) ~ then I can embed it in prezi. No, its not another Internet app. It’s a “show-to-your-friends-down-the-pub-when-you-take-your-lap-top-to-show-them-prezi” kind of app. Seriously though it is a superb presentation / software tutorial package

OMG Everything is Linked!
Well, its 2 am so I am off to bed. Yawn… G’night. ………..Well not really I am off to play with Wink
P.S. Update: Had three hours sleep and created Wink on prezi ~ R & D ~ now for some reason I couldn’t get it to work on my main server so put it on my Irish server. Ah sure, it may be a bit slow, but its friendly. ”

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