Below is a PowerPoint presentation, a promo for Personal Domains. It seems WordPress doesn’t embed the presentation but opens PowerPoint. 21st Century Networks I was going to do a narration but decided to put the whole thing to one of my music favourite tracks then it turned into a music video and promo for Ravens […]

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Essential Free Graphics

One of my sites I am developing is called eCollege dot me. I have taken the post from there and duplicated it here as it has a few good points worth mentioning.  I am a wannabe artist. When I was at school many years ago I had a wonderful imagination but couldn’t draw a straight […]

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Dragons In The Attic

New Company Launch : Look What I Found In The Attic .com . Like eBay . You find your “Treasure” , Take pictures, Email or SMS to us with a price and we add them to our 3d Graphics gallery. . Buyers click on them and are taken to our on-line shop which takes all […]

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The 7th Seal ~ Bergman

A classic no doubt but what to make of it? The characterisation is superb but so fraught with angst, it is almost distracting. Not embarrasingly so, though. Stoic Death, an everyman's last nightmare; no solace in love and definitely no solace in God. The church is played for the fool, The Fools "The horse is […]

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