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http://pjfb.org yes a four letter domain spelling out my initials how cool is that? And to compliment youngercitizens.com, maturecitizens.com, and oldercitizens.com we now have http://DigitalCitizens.online my first dot online site.

What fun it all is.


About Dying

About Dying

I love telling of my adventures….

Little death

I’ve come close to death three times. Once when I caught hepatitis from a dirty needle. Second when I was bitten by a rabid dog in India and third when I contracted lung cancer.

Well there was a time when I was eight and on the verge of meningitis. I awoke in the morning and started coughing up blood, lots of it. The doctor was called and I can remember him examining me and then calling my mother over to the window. I can see them now, the doctor talking in hushed tones and shaking his head. Oh dear I’m going to die I thought to myself. They came over to me my mother was ashen. The doctor looked at me and noticed blood on my pillow and asked about it. Oh I had a heavy nosebleed in the night. Sigh of relief was palpable. It turned out I had had a massive nose bleed and swallowed all the blood! So I don’t count that as a near death experiece.

The first time I nearly died was when I was 22 I shared a needle (injecting for the last time – ever) with a friend and eight of us caught hepatitis and had to be hospitalised. I was not going to Neasden Isolation Hospital in London so I dragged myself to my friend’s house In Clydach Vale, Tony Pandy, Rhondda Valley, South Wales. I was very ill. I was slowly dying. I don’t know how I did it but I made it to a local GP and he sent me home with some pills. They didn’t work and I wasn’t getting better. I went back and he saw the true state of me. He admitted me that day to a wonderful hospital high up in the valleys. I was there for three weeks and was treated like a king. I recovered.

The second time was when I was bitten by a rabid dog. About twenty of us were attending a meditation course in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, India. It was quite isolated. It was 1976 i think. It was an old colonial hill station and we had rented a lovely house on a hill top. We had a pet dog that started acting strangely and had already bitten six of us, breaking skin. When I saw he had chewed his metal bowl to pieces, well something was seriously wrong. I was in charge of him. Two idiots decided the poor chained up dog needed a walk OMG anyway when I heard I ran to them and the dog was going mad on his chain. I rescued them and in doing so I was bitten.

Six of us were bitten and if he was truly rabid we needed to know. So took him to a local doctor who said yes he was rabid and had to be put down, our cherished pet. So we didn’t accept it, the doctor was a bit daft, so we needed a second opinion. The only hospital was at a not too far away university hospital. We all piled into a taxi for the three hour journey and tied the dog wrapped in blankets to the roof rack. We headed down the mountain. There was a landslide earlier and the road was blocked so we had to return home. In the two days that followed we read up on rabies. It was fatal and you shook yourself to death. It was one of the worst ways to die. We had no choice we had to find out if the dog was rabid so we set off again and told the taxi driver he had to get us through. The landslide had been partially levelled and we managed to bump across. We made it to the university hospital, the dog died on the way.

At the autopsy they confirmed he was rabid. We went to a restaurant and we discussed what we should do. We were very scared. We talked about the anti-rabies injections 14 daily through the stomach wall. There were known side effects, one of them was permanent blindness. We were into day six of the first bite and the minimum incubation period for rabies was ten days. We decided we would have the injections. We returned home and went to the doctors. Yes he could inject us but he only had serum for a few days. He didn’t have enough. We needed more and the nearest place was Shimla a 12 hour train trip away. Armed with a letter from the doctor (he would phone them too) I and a friend headed off.

The journey was relatively uneventful except we had to keep the small crate of serum cold. In the hot parts of our journey we bought ice to cool it.

We were going to have the injections as a group so no one had started, it was now day 9 of the first bite. From what I remember one was over ten but we didn’t talk about that. The injections were horrible. About an inch of fluid straight into the stomach wall. They left lumps of fluid that lasted days. So every day we all trooped down the mountain, got our shots and trooped back. Not fun and this would last for two weeks. This was 1976 in a remote part of India.

Well we all survived OK except me. On the 12th injection I collapsed and they took me up the mountain on a donkey. They called the doctor and he came up to the house to give me my 13th injection. You had to do the course. That night I nearly died. I developed a fever and my temperature went up to 107 and my friends were coming in to say goodbye to me. I had two angels looking after me Kitty Subho an English Thai monk and a wonderful lady who we thought had recently become enlightened. I remember the delirium well. It was a bit out of body, very spacey and voices shouted from a distance. I was going to die but I had no fear just an acceptance.

In the wee hours of the morning the fever broke and I woke up yellow. I had hepatitis again. Think my liver just couldn’t handle the serum. I was ill for about three weeks but what a beautiful spot to be ill in.

Four years ago during a routine hospital check-up the doctor told me they had found a little spot on my lung. After tests it was found to be cancerous. I researched lung cancer and my prognosis was not good. I prepared to die. It wasn’t so bad, I had led a very full life. I achieved an ethereal state of acceptance and said goodbye to the world. This state stayed with me. It became semi-permanent and was a bit difficult to get out of.

After further tests, going up to St James in Dublin they decided they would operate immediately. The consultant surgeon would contact me the next week. It ended up three months later and all this time the cancer was growing. But I stayed calm and did what had to be done. If the operation was successful I would still not get the all clear they were going to take out my left lung. So be it. I was admitted to St James and had the operation two days later. I can remember the prep room and getting an injection then waking up don’t know when in the post op ward. There was good news they only had to take out a lobe. I have a scar running down most of my back where they went in. My mood, that of acceptance, continued.

My oncologist in Tullamore said the cancer may have spread to my lymph and I needed chemo. So I wasn’t clear. Four months later they decide that that was it. Chemo was not fun. I was in remission. Got another year to go to be out of the woods. After 5 years you are considered cured.

Dying holds no fear for me. The mental state that of having done with the world, persisted for a year afterwards. I found it difficult to “come back” . I’m back now but have grown from my experiences. In this day and age longevity is not uncommon and I might look for another twenty years. Well we will see. Whatever the future holds for me I feel I am prepared for it.

I have a WordPress blog so I am immortal. Below is one of my favourite tunes: Gov’t Mule “ Soulshine. I think I let my soul shine and lived better for it.

Please comment and would love to hear your stories  I am sure you have them. A free Cream Tea voucher for the best comment.

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Tails From The Cat Shop

Great new book out from Storm! Must Read! Click on the picture to buy.

Fantasy meets Reality in Cyberspace, in a world where our online and offline experiences, friendships and even, our identities are excitingly entangled. Avatars are extensions of us, leading lives parallel to our own dull everyday existence. There are no limits to our Virtual Lives and we are free to live in any World we choose. Having a Virtual Life sets you free to dream and some dreams do come true.

Storm and Dude are partners. In spite of the fiercely opposing time zones, they meet and fall in love on the dance floor of the Junkyard Blues Club in the Virtual World of Second Life. They begin collecting breedable cats and their Second Life gets very crowded, so together they open Not Another Kitten, a Cat Shop in Cyberspace. Then the Cat Shop meets the University and both Worlds collide with laughter.

Meet the Divine Penny, the Italian-speaking Siamese cat, with the delicate chocolate paws, and find out if Professor Poppett’s poodle recovers from ‘indoor barking syndrome’. Go on an adventure in the alligator infested bayou to hunt for the Golden Kitten and find out why love always wins the day.

tails book

Quite an achievment. Started as a blog and became a book. Well done Storm very proud of you!

Heres the URL again : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IFRFR7G

The Facebook Social Network Revolution

Mark Zuckerberg, without being a political leader and without planning to do so, has sparked the only true revolution taking place today in the world: the – Social Web Revolution –. The main characteristic of a revolution is a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving. This is precisely what has happened worldwide in the Internet due to his now famous Facebook network. More than 517 million persons in 212 different countries have joined the Facebook Social Web, in the surprisingly short period of time of six years.

More Facebook Statistics – Newsletter 058

This video sparked this off for me :

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hK87gaTxKAI%2Em4v%5D

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hK87gf%2B4SQI%2Em4v%5D

I love Facebook, its awesome. Its changed my life for the Oh So Much Better. I ❤ U Mark Z!!

Micons and OnlyMicons

The Real Site is at Only Micons (dot) com

When a thing is said, the lips become very cold, like the Autumn wind.
A 61 Micon

I started this project in 1985, so its been 25 years in the making.I did a six month work placement with Manpower Services Commission in Sheffield, UK. I was reading Psychology at Brunel , B.Sc. (hons). We developed the first touch sensitive computer system to access job information on a national scale. (FÁS have got one). I installed the first system in Bournemouth. Tested it for three days, interviewed users, wrote a report and we were all very pleased. Of course Icons per say werent really invented then, let alone Micons . Um, sorta didn’t have The Internet either….. Interestingly it was a bunch of psychologists who developed this system. Just waiting for a touch screen now, but thats Only Hardware.

This is my Global Warming Micon. It is Moving, but so do animated Gifs. Whats different is that it delivers a message. Perhaps we have to change the idea of the M = Moving. Perhaps a better definition is M = Message. So I Micon is a Message icon…I designed this. If you look at the message itself. It has a picture of the Earth then a series of nature images. But images have an impact but look at the moving message. The lizard in the desert (dersertification) zooms into his eye, the fish zooms in, the turtle zooms in . They are appealing to you “Looking at you right in the eye” Nature is sending you a message. The Tiger, its their year, looks at a child, what kind of planet are preparing for our children? The wise Tiger looks at the child “What are your parents doing to us?” What is happening to our Earth? Its getting Warmer Every millisecond. ITS ON FIRE! Interact with The Earth Clock, do this by clicking on the year then month then week then NOW and watch it for a minute:

See? So how powerful is the Micon? Then my Birthday Micon delivers a text message.

A 61 Micon
There is also perhaps another definition. Not Moving Icon nor Message Icon but maybe MOVIE Icon. Of course the commercial implications are temendous with these MEDIA Icons. Toyota showing their cars with a message, Sony, Guinness, Drink Awareness, etc etc Everybody will want a Micon…you get my drift. I give you Micons and Only Micons because you dont really need text.

Thanks (dot) ExponentiallyYours (dot) com i.e. http://thanks.exponentiallyyours.com

Flat Fact :

Hyperland is a 50 minute long documentary film about hypertext and surrounding technologies written by Douglas Adams and produced by BBC Two in 1990. It stars Douglas Adams as a computer user and Tom Baker, with whom Adams already had worked on Doctor Who, as a software agent.

The self proclaimed “fantasy documentary” begins with a shot of Adams asleep by the fire side with his television still on. In a dream, Adams, fed up by game shows, commercial and generally non-interactive linear content, takes his TV to a garbage dump, where he meets Tom, played by Tom Baker, a software agent that shows him the future of TV: Interactive Multimedia.
Much like Apple Computer’s Knowledge Navigator concept, Tom acts as a butler within a virtual space populated with hypertext, sound, pictures and movies represented by animated icons. The documentary is centered on Adams browsing these media and discovering their interconnectedness, leading him for example from the topic Atlantic Ocean to literature about the sea to The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge to the poem Kubla Khan by the same author to Xanadu and back to the topic of hypertext via Ted Nelson’s Project Xanadu.

Many aspects of the documentary show Adams’ love for Apple computers. In the beginning a Macintosh Portable can be spotted and most of the projects presented run on Apple Hardware. Even the general design of the animated icons featured in the dream is inspired by Mac OS icons.
While Adams is browsing, many people and projects related to the general theme of hypertext and multimedia are presented:

Apple Douglas Had An Apple
  • Vannevar Bush and his Memex concept of a theoretical proto-hypertext computer system are shown.
  • Ted Nelson explains hypertext and Project Xanadu.
  • Hans Peter Brøndmo talks about the concept of animated icons.
  • Robert Winter talks about an interactive version of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
  • This idea from Kurt Vonnegut’s book Palm Sunday is presented: stories have shapes that can be drawn on graph paper.
  • Robert Abel shows his multimedia version of Picasso’s Guernica.
  • Apple Multimedia Lab employees Steve Gano, Kristee Kreitman, Kristina Hooper, Michael Naimark and Fabrice Florin talk about a multimedial version of Life Story, a BBC TV film dramatisation of the 1953 discovery of the structure of DNA.
  • Amanda Goodenough presents Inigo Gets Out, an interactive story for kids implemented with Hypercard.
  • Brad deGraf and Michael Wahrman talk about their digital puppet Mike Normal.
  • A NASA Ames Research Center scientist presents a Virtual Reality Helmet prototype called Cyberiad.
  • Marc Canter makes an appearance as an animated icon but isn’t “clicked” by Adams, so the audience does not get to see his interview.

The dream (and the documentary) ends with a vision of how information is accessed in 2005, that bears some resemblance to virtual reality scenes seen in the film The Lawnmower Man. , two years after Hyperland was produced.[citation needed] It can be argued that, apart from that graphical representation, the documentary draws a quite accurate vision of hypertext and how it is used today, especially considering that it predates the first Web browser.


Trinity because InsideImDancing.com

Thanks to http://3d.OnlyAvatars.com

To you who see
The world with me
I give this post .

If you in courtesy should look
With favour on its pages claim
The title deed and write your name
Here on this page. To you who know
The glamour of the passing show,
Sublime and sordid, trivial, great,
But life, this post I dedicate.
As casual lookers-on we meet
Here at some corner of the street.
It’s good to know you see it too,
Smile, sigh and wonder when I do;
That you discern the crooked jest
Of contrast ‘twixt our worst and best,
Humour is ever friendship’s test.
I like to know you hear the catt
Of all things sad, neglected, small;
Thritt to the magic of the wind,
Love country, town and your own kind,
Sinners and saints and sea and sky
Just as they are, for so do I.

Then let this post
I fain would mend
Be yours, my friend.

Pinched from W. M. LETTS and book was changed to post

Flat Fact: Plagiarism, believe it or not, comes from a Latin verb that means, “to kidnap.” If you plagiarize you’re kidnapping and stealing others’ hard work and intellectual property. It is academic and public dishonesty.

The following is a diary of events that occured at the Trinity Web Summit held on Febuary 4th 2010.

A Tree in Trinity

My overall experience was extremely positive. I was enervated and uplifted and this was a feeling shared by all that participated. Personally I sometimes feel isolated living as I do in the countryside. Knowing that there are others that are “keeping the faith” re-affirmed my attitude to the internet, its use and its propagation as a global communications medium. Distance is no longer relevant. We are experiencing a social and cultural revolution at a level not experienced in, and I will be bold, in the evolution of our presence on this planet. A global community is emerging. I embrace it and I believe that the four hundred or so attendees at the event share this view. ALL the speakers do.

Those that were there will understand this sentence:

I have and know the code I will try and make it beautiful

[If you want a lesson in the code read the PC Roots page]

Ike ma sho

(“Here we go” in Japanese)


To Quote Wikipedia on Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

“An Inquiry into Values is the first of Robert M. Pirsig’s texts in which he explores his Metaphysics of Quality. The 1974 book describes, in first person, a 17-day motorcycle journey across the United States by the author (though he is not identified in the book) and his son Chris, joined for the first nine days by close friends John and Sylvia Sutherland. The trip is punctuated by numerous philosophical discussions, referred to as Chautauquas by the author, on topics including epistemology, ethical emotivism and the philosophy of science.

The book sold over 4 million copies in twenty-seven languages and was described by the press as “the most widely read philosophy book, ever.” It was originally rejected by 121 publishers, more than any other bestselling book, according to the Guinness Book of Records.”

I enjoy writing. I am sure there will be a more erudite and scholarly analysis of the Trinity Event available. This is my experience as it unfolded punctuated by the “odd” Chautauquas.


31st Jan 2010 : It all started in facebook. I spotted an ad in the sidebar…whats that then? Dublin Web Summit? Oh click, read…OMG…read..O M G! Trinity …Wordpress….CraigsList…Dublin 4th Feb WEB SUMMIT! Click 7 Tickets left..click…credit card…shit its maxed out…shit phone Paddy…blah blah c o n v i n c i n g l y…Ok Phil heres a code….cool…book the ticket enter the code …Got Me A Ticket To The Greatest Web Event In The World AND The Networking Event Afterwards…Me …


Wow I have broken my face into two halves.

Have to choose a T-Shirt. hmmm. Harley..really cool, everyone loves Harleys…hmmm…bit…well…Im wearing my finger hoodie of course. Hah got it. Plain Black small print: “Trust A Few, Fear The Rest” yep. Black Jack and Jones jacket on top. Cool. and sunglasses.

now. 5pm to 11pm so. I have to stay somewhere in Dublin. A B&B I guess maybe Trinity have a list…. Phone Trinity Accommodation. No good. Got transferred 5 times ended up in The Philosohical Society. Still no good. Hmmm. well Student Union then, find an official. Coolest people on campus. Found the head.

“Hi Ben…problem, blah,,Web Event, guest, blah B.Sc. Brunel, MA Kent…..”

“Sure. You can stay at my place. No problem. heres my mobile give me a ring on the day. I’ll be expecting you…..”

My Dad was a shop steward, Loads of problems when I was doing my masters when I was student rep, half the class wanted the course shut down. Problem was we had been practising social workers for years they were…ooops…academics … After we graduated…there was The Miners Strike. My friends Pete and Trish used to run the gauntlet of police barracades to get food to the Miners….We lost that one. Ah to be sure, it was only a battle. I was the National Association of Probation Officers rep for our office. The conferences were great. Three days by the sea with a bunch of well educated vociferous socialists…wonderful. And, you didn’t mess with NAPO.

I made a very grandiose statement at the beginning of 2010.

I said 2010 is mine.

Flat Fact: A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. The top-level domain names are installed in the root zone of the name space. For all domains in lower levels, it is the last part of the domain name, that is, the label that follows the last dot of a fully qualified domain name. For example, in the domain name http://www.example.com, the top-level domain is com, or COM, as domain names are not case-sensitive. Management of most top-level domains is delegated to responsible organizations by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and is in charge of maintaining the DNS root zone.

Jesus Ireland. ICANN are changing the net this year. We can have fadas. I got the forms off ICANN last year to register a Gaelic character set. Told DIT they didn’t care. I have the ear of my local TD but…welll…Tullamore…Offaly …ummm Trinity YOU COULD DO IT. I’m a Brit, not my native tongue though on my Irish Secure (dot) com I’ve been running a Bother with Fada campaign for six months. I’ll register FÁS.com from a French site if you don’t.

and: The initial set of top-level domains, defined by RFC 920 in October 1984, was a set of “general purpose domains”: com, edu, gov, mil, org. The net domain was added with the first implementation of these domains. The com, net, and org TLDs, despite their originally specific goals, are now open for use for any purpose.

I am a bit of a purist. I lke to keep (dot) com as the general generic top level domain, I can sell anything on these domains; (dot) net I like to keep for technical stuff and NETworking, I will sell technical products on these sites; (dot) org e.g. Only Avatars (dot) org, I like to provide free information, giveaways and personal observations. I am a purist but I won’t say no to a fast buck. I run 37 gTLDs.

Here is my Domain /Internet Activity for January 2010:

    The Posterous Group [sub-domains i.e. name (dot) posterous (dot) com]

  • pjfbncyl : Generic compliments pjfbncyl (dot) com
  • Dude Starship : Avatar Generic compliments Dude Starship (dot) com
  • w3 : Internet News
  • Flea Market : Buy and Sell site
  • Widgets : Widget Site compliments The Widget King (dot) com
  • lmao : Funny Comedy Site
  • rotf : Really Funny Comedy Site
  • Dublin : Dublin Site
    Global Domains :

  • Gerolmina (dot) com after Gerolmina Di Nardo Graduate Studies Admission Dublin Institute of Technolgy
  • Technology Is Me (dot) com to match Technology Is Me (dot) Blip (dot) TV
  • Inside Im Dancing (dot) com, The Cream
  • Your Blog Teacher (dot) net does what it says on the tin
  • Rhiagh (dot) com my 16 year old Blog Student
  • My Internet Domain/Internet Activity for Febuary 2010:

  • The Year of The Tiger (dot) net
  • Patrick Touhey (dot) com Poet and Amnesty International Activisit, Blog Student
  • Trinity (dot) com….. only messin lol

I’m posting this now but I haven’t finished

Not by A Long Chalk

Roots Break

Flat Fact: The Zombies 1959-1968

The group formed in 1959 in St Albans, England, and gained their initial reputation playing the Old Verulamians Rugby Club in that city. The group was formed while the members were at school. Some sources state that Argent, Atkinson and Grundy were at St Albans School, while Blunstone and White were students at St Albans Boys’ Grammar School (since renamed Verulam School). James’ father was the original drummer.

After winning a beat-group competition sponsored by the London Evening News, the Zombies signed to Decca and recorded their first hit, “She’s Not There” (Argent’s second song, written specifically for this session), which was released in mid-1964 and peaked at number 12 in the UK, where it was their only UK Top 40 hit. This minor-key, jazz-tinged number, distinguished by its musicianship and Blunstone’s breathy vocal, was unlike anything heard in British rock at the time. It was first aired in the United States in early August 1964 on New York City rock station WINS by Stan Z. Burns, who debuted the song on his daily noontime “Hot Spot”. The tune began to catch on in early fall and eventually climbed to #2.

I was at Willesden County Grammar School WCGS, We had Prefects and we had Fags. Our Teachers wore gowns. My English Teacher, God Bless Her, was an Oxford graduate. She once fell down the stairs and broke her ankle (she was not averse to the odd tipple). I used to push her around in her wheel chair…really fast. She taught me Shakespeare, I always played Puck and she said I was the best Lear…..In Willesden, lol.

Shakespear said: For in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil

Because of my English Teacher I came up with this: For in that dearth of dreams what sleep my come, when we have coiled round this mortal shuffle

I loved “Shes Not There”, wow the piano riff in the middle, so cool. I was 15.

A Sculpture in Trinity

3rd February 2010 :

You are receiving this email as you have been placed on an overflow list.

There is a strong possibility that you will be allocated a seat in an overflow auditorium.

The Summit is heavily oversubscribed and preference is being given to start up companies and researchers engaged in work with Trinity College Dublin.

Oh, wow, 😦 thats a shame, o, ok. Wait A minute:

Email: Paddy I am a Start Up Company
Microsoft BizSpark ID: 1400038768

Perhaps I can be re-considered


Wait ten minutes for the email to arrive:

Phoned Paddy…blah, blah overflow…etc

“Oh sure Phil, no problem. I got your email.”

“Do you want me to pay ? Will I get an email confirm as a ticket?”

” No, I’ll put a star next to your name, put you on the guest list, thats fine, pay at the door”



Got up at 3am on the 4th. I usually do. I have friends in the states, I am a developer for Blue Mars based in SF and I always want to speak to Tiff and Glenn in Hawaii. It was so funny when I slapped Glenn around the face in an Avatar/ Turing Test. Can’t tell you it here ’cause a robot/avatar will find out and it would ruin the test. It works though. If you need to tell if an Avatar is real or a robot drop me a line and I’ll fill you in. I’ll know if your a Robot. I got this test see. I recorded the meeting we had in Slade City one of my best. Must have been all the top Blue Mars designers there. Its 58 minutes long…but its good. You can find it on Technology Is Me (dot) Blip (dot) TV.

I have been neglecting them a bit, sorry guys, here is our video

I am also doing a Time Management – Cost/Benefit Analysis course. I usually have to monitor it every six hours or so. I needed my Lap Top. Well I don’t like going anywhere without a computer these days. I run Opera with file sharing enabled on my Lap Top and on my PC. Funny, My PC is hi-spec, I designed it myself, running Windows 7 Ultimate Quad Core 4 gigs RAM HD Graphics card. My Laptop is a Dunne Sores Bargain Sale with 750 megs of Ram. My Laptop can access my PC from anywhere in the world via The Internet. It runs Ubuntu (Linux). Guess which computer is faster accessing The Internet? See the PC page for an explanation. I’d be in Bens place by 2pm I’m sure he’d log me in without telling me his password. I wouldn’t ask. So I set up projects running that wouldn’t need attention for six hours.

Packed my LapTop : USB Memory “Stick” well, its the size of two paper backs and needs its own power supply. Its 500 gigs and cost 79 euros; usb mouse and web cam; Cat 5 cable; double plug adapter so I only need one socket; Dunne Stores web cam; usb mouse; usb 4 way extension. I was set.

My little pink 7 year old iPod ontaining 527 of my faourite tunes and head phones (not plugins, hate those, but slim black with mic and volume control, proper ones. Cost me 12 euros in the local techie store.) Love my iPod.

Camera was charged with spare batteries and 4 gig memory card. iPod with 500 of my fvourite tunes. (Its 8 years old, battery life is not so good now, will last a couple of days but I brought the combo usb/3 pin plug Thank You Apple for a sensible lead!

I was set. Had my offaly cool hemp go-green carrier bag with a tracksuit, book and a few leaflets of stuff.

I was off To Dublin. During the event it was asked why come to Ireland? Ah well, darlin, its a rocky road even for The High Kings.

Ike ma sho:


It was raining. I got cab. We chatted, told him about Trinity. Gave computer advice
he will visit inside im dancing (dot) com. Loved the movie. i like trains. Went across The Nubian Desert on one, mostly on the roof. Then when I was in India, travelling 3rd Class, a lump of Opium made it all quite tolerable. I was very young then. Jesus. Drugs are so dangerous. I must have been mad. Know the drug that causes the most problems? Alcohol. Know the drug thats most difficult to come off and has the worst withdrawls? Valium. My first degree is a science degree. I know brain chemistry. I love trains though. I picked up my book and realised that trains were so much safer than Iron Bicycles. the transfer of atoms, well….

“‘The gross and net result of it is that people who spent most of their natural lives riding iron bicycles over the rocky roads of this parish [and to Dublin no doubt] get their personalities mixed up with the personalities of their bicycle as a result of the interchanging of the atoms of each of them and you would be surprised at the number of people in these parts who are nearly half people and half bicycles…when a man lets things go so far that he is more than half a bicycle, you will not see him so much because he spends a lot of his time leaning with one elbow on walls or standing propped by one foot at kerbstones.'”

I’m at that bit. LOL x A Million.

When asked If he new where Hell was, he replied “Tullamore”. He was apparently transferred there/here. So I was told. Me and Mick Scully are going to put a plaque up outside his house. Mr J.Joyce was an admirer , The Internet says….

Saw a guy with a laptop. Asked him to look up this blog. We lost the connection but he wrote it down.

Got off the train without my green hemp offaly bag. Went back immediately, not there. 😦 Reported it to Customer Services.

Bus To Trinity! It was 10.45 am.

Dublin Tourism Site Search

SEARCH RESULTS 1 – 10 of 283 total results for trinity.

Google says: Results 1 – 10 of about 6,660,000 for trinity dublin

Web (dot) Trinity (dot) EDU

The Chalk is worn but still long, next bit coming in an hour or so. Is it too long? please comment….

………check back about midday…

btw The next big event will be

“This past July, TEDGlobal returned to Oxford for a now-annual conference. Four days of inspired thinking looked beyond the obvious, at the hidden forces shaping our future, at the mysterious functioning of things, at the invisible and at the not-yet-discovered. At TEDGlobal 2009, a roster of powerful speakers and performers explored The Substance of Things Not Seen.”

Its an annual do, just after Trinity Term.

I will be a bit synoptic.

Ok. Wow. Trinity. Cool. Wandered around, was meeting Ben at 1.30. Chatted with Security. Very Important People on Campus much much better friends than enimies. Nice guys, difficult job. Took a few pics, had lunch, Trinity Burger,put up 10 InsideImDancing (dot) com posters, well slips of hand written bits of paper at eye level in high traffic areas. Met Ben. Dumped my stuff in his place. Set up my lap top, emphasing my 500 gig memory stick. Plugged it in. The mains lead didn’t fit. I’d brought the speakers power lead. It was a pretty black dead glossy bit of plastic. Lol, Pride cometh mate, Pride cometh…I learned early on:
Flat Fact::If you don’t learn from your mistakes you are doomed to repeat them

Won’t make THAT mistake again.

Real Time Update: You know I told you that I was on a Time-Management/Cost-Benefit programme? Well I didn’t really get it together while I was away. Shit! Lost the momentum, it would take me a week to get up to speed. You can’t let these things slide for 36 hours! I had invested heavily in people and had one of the biggest people networks in the programme. 15 is the standard, I had 43. Checked the project. Yep. Disaster! Checked the project board, no one had taken up the slack! Shit! NETWORKING? Its a joke. Struggled for a few hours, no My pseudo NASDAQ slipt from a 102 average to 6. The project was screwed. Lost maybe a weeks gains and maybe never recover. Checked the main board again and picked up a few left overs. Checked the main board after 4 hours. Still nothing. No, don’t believe it. Checked BEHIND the main board. I had 45 ready to go high end projects with upwards of 30,000 items. My project would cruise for 3 Days! Without me doing a thing except a 5 second install per product. 75% were top of the range products yeilding maximum returns. Networking? Yep NETWORKING!!! Running at 104-105 points now

3.30pm in Trinity. Went to Nassau Street Entrance. Hmmm, no signs, askedsecurity, no info, never heard of it. Went to Elliot Lecture Hall. Nothing. Found a coin operated Internet machine. Checked dws2, yep Nassau St/Elliot starts at 5pm. OK. Did a bit of viral InsideImDancing.com fly posting. 4pm nothing. Went to Elliot, left a postit with http://3d.OnlyAvatars.org next to the computer. Had a quick coffee. Nothing. Decided to phone Paddy. Went to Internet machine. Put in 1 euro. Found his number. Went to telephone. Won’t accept 2 euro coin. Asked a girl if she had a 1 euro coin for my copper change. “Yes, sure” She couldn’t find her purse. She opened her rucksack. Took everything out. No purse. Looked in a side pocket. “Ah here it is” no 1 euro coin. Her friend said “What did you want….?” She looked for HER purse. Found it, gave it to me. Back to the phone. Dialled. Nothing. Inserted 1 euro coin. It Took it. Dialled. Nothing. Pressed refund. Nothing. I had a 50 euro note left. Went and bought a drink for 85cents. Got change. Went to the phone. Nah.No. It was 4.25pm. Went to elliot Theatre. went inside. Lecture on The Declaration of Human Rights. A person I know is thinking of taking Ireland to Strasbourg for a Human Rights abuse. Listened made a summary of my friends case. Lecture finished 4.55pm. Went and spoke to lecturer. She insisted as she wasn’t a lawyer wouldn’t look at it. Pressed my case. She accepted my card and said she was meeting with a top barrister(?) next week and would tell him to expect a call from me.

5.15pm Went to Security said there was nothing in Elliot. he said “No, thats the overflow, you want the Burke Theatre downstairs to register” Big Crowd. Big Queue. From my previous wanderings I knew the back stairs, put me near the front of the queue. EVERYONE seemed to be waving printed tickets. Reached the desk. “ticket please” “Paddy said it was OK, Philip Finlay-Bryan” .I had 48 euro for a discounted 50 euro ticket……consults list. “Thats fine Philip ” gave me a Blue Heart. Phew. Put on my Microsft Tech Net badge with my name and Irish Secure Internet Services on it. No one else had a name badge. Lol. Found a computer, there were lots. Went to the main area thronged with people. Computer. Hangon. Someone forgot to log out. Typed in http://3d.onlyavatars.org my blog came up on screen AVATAR, The Blog. Walked away. Cool.

5.45 pm (approx). Went in, got a seat in the second row. Got The Goodie Bag. Watched. Operating system Windows 7? All Trinity computers run XP. on . Ok PDFs , Microsoft Office, standard directory structure. Took a pic of it.

Burke Theatre Operating System

We will see, IN THE Flesh Craig of CraigsList and Mr WordPress Matt Mullenweg. You take a picture of an operating system. OMG YOU GEEK!!!

Lol x loads

“Hi Everybody. Sorry. If you went to Elliot for the overflow, well we couldn’t use it so everyone from Elliot is here. If you want your money back just let me know. You can still stay but we will refund your 100 euros” No I couldn’t…could I?…No, I couldn’t….hahahahahahaha.



Four New Speakers Announced: Collins, Karlsson, Lyon & Bollard join Craigslist & WordPress Founders for a panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges for businesses in the current climate on Feb 4th. Chris Horn and Wired’s Editor-at-Large will also be speaking.


Hello World, Its not me, Its not you, Its not them……Its US!

What happened? Sorry,

You had to be there. It was very intimate, It was amazing. But, You Had To Be There. hiya Craig and Matt, I gave you my card, if you don’t leave a comment on this blog, I will be so mad…….



-*Big Grin*-

Went for a beer in the Atrium. Networked. Wore my 3d Avatar Glasses at times for Fun. Couldn’t decide on an ID badge. I was wearing three different coloured hearts, so I put my Castle Palooza Volunteer Photo ID around my neck. When people asked if I was a Trinity Volunteer I said no but I wanted people to come to Charleville Castle Festiva, thought to be THE pop festival in Ireland. I did a live blog from there last year. Dudley lent me the castle for the weekend for my 50th birthday. It was wild. It was wonderful. Nice to say :

Hey Phil what was your best birthday ever, I bet it was your 25th walking across the Sudnese Kenyan border meeting the Turkana…?”Nah, It was my 50th. Friend lent me a castle”


Made it back to Bens, thanks security for the phone call, thanks Fergus for leading the way, thanks unknown student who recognised my ID and said he’d been to Castle Palooza twice and thought it was the best festival in Ireland.

I slept.

Got up at 7am, got dressed put on my


T Shirt. Bit tight……..Packed up. Double checked. No iPod. Unpacked…no its gone. Ahhh 😦 . Oh well there are always casualities…ahh My iPod, pinky, an old friend. Bought it in 2003. Got me through loads of boring times, uplifted me on the road. It was a friend..It (she?) always had an appropriate song, always. 😦 Patrick, the 10 year old slovakian boy who I look after (with his mum, she looks after me in exchange for lodging, they were broke and on the street) will be sad 😦 and me 😦

Ike ma sho

Headed out into the morning air. Took a picture of the half moon over the square. The sun wasn’t up but the sky was blue promising a sunny day. Walked to O’Connel Bridge and was handed a free newspaper. Glanced through it. Wow it was 70% Internet content. the METRO Herald and Everybody in Dublin was reading it! Cool. Went and sat under the statue facing the bridge. Put the METRO Herald down first as the seat was wet. Rolled a fag and started constructing this blog. Strolled up to the Luis picked up a METRO Herald..The guy handing them out said “Love your hoodie, mate”

METRO Herald Reports

A webcam viewer in Cyprus alerted wildlife park workers in Scotland to the impending birth of one of their white rhinoceros….Blair Drummond received a phone call from the woman who was watching the rhino enclosure online when she saw Dorothys water had broken.

Mother and baby are doing well.

Got to Heuston. Went to customer service. “You didn’t find a green Hemp bag…? Oh There it is – “Philip Finlay-Bryan InsideImDancing (dot) com” Thats me! Great. Made a point of thanking three Customer Service dudes for doing a good job. I am a bit of a leper where stuff like that is concerned.

Went outside. The sun was up so I put on my regular sunglasses. Had a smoke, thought…hmmm. Went up to a METRO Herald person. “Can I have a bunch for my home town I’ll give em away…?” “Sure, where you going.? “Tullamore”…Went and sat down inside. Stood up and took a few pics, I asked this guy if he would take a few snaps of me.. He said sure he was a bit of a photographer. He took this:

The Second Time I Opened My Jacket

this is him:

John Baker Killminhan Village Dublin 8

thanks John I’ll send the pics on. He has a few problems but is getting some help from a psychologist in Trinity. He said I could use his name. He needs a computer if anyone has a spare one.

nice guy!

Got the train…….Sat down opposite this chap. He had a thick book called the secret history of the world. I asked if i could have look.. He had loads of academic/research papers. I said “You must be a student….” No I’m a professor.

We cahatted and chatted and chatted…wow…..what a man. Knows so much about so much! Said he should have a blog. He said he was thinking about it….Got his email address: We CHATTED later that day I sent him an email. We have a new domain and a new blogger:

  • Aidan Breen (dot) com Medieval Scholar and Latin Professor at NUI Galway, Ph.D. Trinity, Blog Student > Blog (dot) AidanBreen (dot) com

got a cab home. Spoke to the driver, he asked about Skype. Gave him the info…Told him to visit Inside Im Dancing dot com. He said “I’ll write it down…Oh no need its so easy to remember”

My housekeeper was out. She had the keys. I went to see apartner of mine. Gave him a few copies of METRO Herald for the cybercafe. Spoke about running a blogging course in the cybercafe…Sure, no problem.

Went outside for a smoke. O new shop..Nauty Butt Nice cool name. Went and had a look wow lingerie sexy stuff. Chatted to the young lady… “Hey cool name, got a website?… “Yep NautyButtNice (dot) com” Oh a like-Minded Individual. Later looked at the site Nauty Butt Nice….hmm bit basic. Brings out the Entrepreneur in me. Over coffee I made http://nbn.2010mm.com…with a 3d Gallery. Went back to the shop: You can have the zip folder of the gallery for 30 euros. She said I’ll pass it on. Took me 20 minutes. Sex sells. I worry about that. Listen to this. Remember The Strawbs, Part of the Union. They made this. Its 10 minutes long but its really good. And I want to make a point, a really important point.

Sorry you have to go to 3d.OnlyAvatars.org for this bit

Ok. “….if he could but conquor LUST!

Watch this: Social Media has now replaced porn as the number one activity on the net (best viewed in Full Screen)


All I know is this: the ravens kiss my mouth,
the veins are tangled here,
the sea is made of blood.

All I know is this: the hands reaching out,
my eyes are closed,
my ears are closed,
the sky rejects my scream.

All I know is this: my nostrils drip with dreams
the hounds lap us up,
the fools laugh out,
the clock ticks out the dead.

All I know is this: my feet are sorrow here,
my words are less than lilies,
my words are clotted now:
the ravens kiss my mouth.

Ravens Kiss (dot) org
Now you know why:

Inside Im Dancing

dot com

posted by a BIFFO, A Big Internet Fucker From Offaly

UPDATE: Email from Ben :

Hey Philip,

I found a pink iPod on my floor after you left, I assume it’s yours. It’s safe and just sitting on my bookshelf.

Let me know if you’re able to get it,



Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner Mauer) was a concrete barrier erected by the German Democratic Republic (GDR) (East Germany) that completely encircled the city of West Berlin, separating it from East Germany, including East Berlin. The Wall included guard towers placed along large concrete walls, which circumscribed a wide area (later known as the “death strip”) that contained anti-vehicle trenches, “fakir beds” and other defenses.

The separate and much longer inner German Border (the IGB) demarcated the border between East and West Germany. Both borders came to symbolize the Iron Curtain between Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc.

Prior to the Wall’s erection, 3.5 million East Germans had avoided Eastern Bloc emigration restrictions and escaped into West Germany, many over the border between East and West Berlin. During its existence from 1961 to 1989, the Wall stopped almost all such emigration and separated the GDR from West Berlin for more than a quarter of a century.[1] After its erection, around 5,000 people attempted to escape over the wall, with estimates of the resulting death toll varying between around 100 and 200.

During a revolutionary wave sweeping across the Eastern Bloc, the East German government announced on November 9, 1989, after several weeks of civil unrest, that all GDR citizens could visit West Germany and West Berlin. Crowds of East Germans climbed onto and crossed the wall, joined by West Germans on the other side in a celebratory atmosphere. Over the next few weeks, parts of the wall were chipped away by a euphoric public and by souvenir hunters; industrial equipment was later used to remove almost all of the rest. The fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for German reunification, which was formally concluded on October 3, 1990.


I remember November 9th 1989. I cried and cried tears of joy. One of the most abomiinable features of Human Society, A Wall built solely to divide, was being torn down. I was there in spirit with bloody nails ripping at the hateful concrete, with my brothers and sisters.

Lassen Sie Gott mein Richter sein, ich stirbt, um es zu stoppen wieder geschehend.

Ich bin ein Bürger von Berlin auch


But The Future BECKONS!

The Bamboo Tower
The Bamboo Tower

Does BABEL spring to mind? Lol, But we are not thrown into confusion by our structures. Let us continue to tear down the old ones and REACH FOR THE SKY!
The Burj Dubai
The Burj Dubai

The Internet

Hi Graham, Hi Gill, Hi Inty
Change Your Mind ~ Change The World

Alan Emtage, (born November 27, 1964) conceived and implemented the first version of Archie, a pre-Web internet search engine for locating material in public FTP archives.

  • The author originally wanted to call the program “archives,” but had to shorten it to comply with the Unix world standard of assigning programs and files short, cryptic names such as grep, cat, troff, sed, awk, perl, and so on.

A native of Barbados, and the son of Sir Stephen and Lady Emtage, he attended high school at Harrison College from 1975 to 1983 (and in 1981 becoming the owner of a Sinclair ZX81 with 1K of memory), where he graduated at the top of his class, winning the Barbados Scholarship.

ZX 81
I cycled across London to get 16k of RAM upgrade

In 1983 he entered McGill University in Montreal, Canada studying for an honors Bachelor’s degree in computer science which was followed by a Master’s degree in 1987 from which he graduated in 1991. Emtage was part of the team that brought the first Internet link to eastern Canada (and only the second link in the country) in 1986. In 1989 while a student and working as a systems administrator for the School of Computer Science, Emtage conceived and implemented the original version of the Archie search engine, the world’s first Internet search engine and the start of a line which leads directly to today’s Altavista, Yahoo!, and Google.

45 years old in a couple of weeks.

Some Stats:

  • 105,170,327 active web surfers in the US
  • In Europe 105,096,093
  • Asia 704,213,930 Internet users
  • Latin America and The Caribbean 175,834,439

I make that 2,180,629,578 oh, and I’ve got two computers so 2,180,629,579.

To Get The Ball Rolling……

To Get The Ball Rolling……



  • 1. Opened The Shop at 16 Patrick Street
  • 🙂

  • 2.Windows 7 “How Do I love thee?”
  • Irish Business Link

  • 3. Worked on my WeddingsOnTheInternet.com forecast and will only lose €146,556 in the first year.
    Bless This House
    Bless This House
  • 🙂

  • 4.Hired a cleaner and a Graphic Designer, Should be able to take over Russia
  • btw, Set Up What I Found In The Attic .com for a mate
    Well eBay is a bit unfriendly

  • 5. Planned Evening sessions. Nite Club on Saturdays for 16 year olds called WTF? REM: Invite BeardyMan ;
    Monday Nite is Movie Nite Called “That’ll Do Pig” opening with “Babe” Theme song Leonard Cohen ” Chelsea Hotel…You got away, didn’t you, Babe… ” . Show “Cool Hand Luke” on Good Friday.

    Friday Nite is the Casino Called “Phil’s Café Americain” Casablanca playing in the background, roulette wheel for charity “Ravens Kiss”Over 30’s only.

  • 🙂

  • The Place looks Gorgeous. Installed LCD screen in the window mirroring the main inside! WOW! Applied to the local peoples bank for €2k.

    Invited Michelle to the opening on Guy Fawkes Night (404 years fighting Terrorism)

    The First Lady
    The First Lady
  • 🙂

  • Ordered a server for 16PatrickStreet.com, 8 gigs of RAM! On Interbnet backbone with 1,800 gigs of bandwidth
  • 🙂

  • 6……. > 😦 Oh dear. Got beaten up (alledgedly) by the owner’s son (alledgedly) and a Thuggee…Got thrown out into the street. Called The Cops but
    Locks changed. Electricity turned off. All is Dark. Oh dear 😦
  • Sorry, You must be getting bored…..
  • Sorry
    btw :(…Got Turned Down by the People’s Bank

  • Set up my Dunne Stores LapTop, plugged into The Internet Thingy
  • not happy with the cops so complained sort of…
    Beefed everything up a tad by adding a criminal lawyer and my doctor into the mix….
    Popped out for lunch and had a very nice salad with fetta cheese, loads of olives, tikka chicken and Bruschetta on the side The chef makes his own salad dressing. I mean, forget Ceaser…..
    btw my #irishthursday twitter is so funny…ha ha ha 🙂
    Thought i better be creative to re-charge the old batteries so made this:

    Needed Xtra Gears
  • I’m Getting a bit bored now! So long story short, escated to justice Victims of Crime
    made a video
  • 8?. The perp dumped my PC in the street 😦
    So put the top down and picked it up.
    Sprayed the PC to match the car, damned paparazzi are everywhere

    drove home and plugged it in……
    I can get on with Tony Starks GUI now
    I can get on with Tony Starks GUI now

😉 rotfcmao 🙂

Wrote a short story called “Here There Be Dragons”

Dragon Queen in Civvies
Dragon Queen in Civvies
Dragon Queen After Markings
Dragon Queen After Markings

Look What I Found In The Attic .com

A Weyr of Dragons
Cipriany is a Genius
A Weyr of Dragons, WoW!
Cute Sea Dragon
A Cute REAL Sea Dragon
Can't Leave a Good Image alone can you, a?