Twollars ~ The New Currency Phew! Keeping Up? Twollars are the new currency of appreciation. And they are going to catch on big-time. Everyone starts off with 50 Twollars, they can then give them as a sign of appreciation Personal : @Enoxh 2 Twollars because you have really helped me Business @valuedcustomer 5 Twollars for being loyal Charities @bullyingUK […]

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Music ~ Response

Became a DJ this week on and have a feed on my web site for special stuff I play. What a fantastic resource it is. I now have music everywhere I surf. OMG it is music eclectic gone mad. I haven’t failed to find a song yet. I have my own playlist and I […]

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….in the wee small hours

I feel like an iceberg at the moment. Only a small part of me is visible to the general public, the girls in Centra, people I pass in the street. As Kurt Vonnegut said “The real stuff is up here” tapping his head. I used to fight with my mind, now I have befriended it. […]

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Things I Aspire To

“Haughty ideals and preciousness of blogging aside, if one does not love words they ought to shut shop. In truth, there is no definite way to blog. It’s a verb, a doing thing. One commits words to page. And we’re back to precious words again. Loving  them. Loving the art of cleaving clear words clear […]

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Advertising – Research

Found this on the ‘net from Richard Taylor ( plus my bold if you want to skim) “The Ad industry, like many is in the throes of significant change. Agencies and clients are shifting gears from high production value, “360 degree campaigns” and opting to explore new areas to see what works (and measuring along […]

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Just updated my profile

Having a simply wonderful time. The Internet is the greatest thing since fire!!!! 🙂 Schooling Formal : W.C.G.S. , Brunel B.Sc (Hons),Psychology, Behavioural Psychotherapy, Computing, University of Kent (M.A.), C.Q.S.W. , London Probation Service. Alcohol Counselling Informal: Tibetan Buddhists, Kitty Subho, The Japanese, Keith York,  Mick Scully, My Friends and My Daughter History Useless at […]

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